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Fake Freebie Alert – Hydro Silk Razor from Boldwin Razor Co



I saw this one floating around a couple times.

If you see a freebie for a free Hydro Silk Razor for the first 50,000 from Boldwin Razor Co, don’t bother.

This is a facebook freebie and the facebook page is called “Free Schick Hydro Silk Razor”.

Below is the url of the page.  I did not make it clickable.


The company they say they are, “Boldwin Razor Co”, doesn’t appear to have a website.  I tried searching and didn’t find anything.

Below is an image of their facebook profile and “company logo” they are using:


They don’t have a website listed on their page either.  They have very few page likes and it looks as of right now that they only have one post on their page.

Normally if a company is giving away something such as samples or giveaways, they do so from a company page and not create a page called “free (whatever they are giving away)”.

I didn’t like their page nor did I try to sign up for it because their was too many red flags that told me it was most likely fake.

I did read some comments from a few people who said their wasn’t even a form to fill out.

Not sure what the purpose is for this fake though other than to try to get facebook likes since according to comments, there isn’t even a form.

I like to share freebies but I make sure they are legit to the best of my ability.  If you happen to come across anything that appears to be fake to you, let me know and I will post about it.

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