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Influenster Jadore VoxBox with Unboxing Video February 2014 #JadoreVoxBox @InfluensterVox #ad


I was so excited when I found out I was going to be receiving a VoxBox from Influenster.  I received the JAdore VoxBox filled with goodies free from Influenster for testing and review purposes.  If you don’t know what Influenster is, it’s like a measurement of your influence on products in a way.  There are badges you can unlock and do sharing activities to earn points and build on your Influenster score.  When you are selected to receive a VoxBox, you will have a badge for that box and after you check in your box when you receive it, there are a lot of sharing activities you can do with your box.  Such as using twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube or your own blog.  Completing as many as you can increases your badge score for that box badge.  And brand badges from that box can be unlocked for you to have a chance to win prizes from the brands that are found in your box.  Anyway, onto what I discovered in my JAdore Vox Box!

Jadore Vox Box

Boots Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask – I received a full size product.  It’s a clay mask for use on normal skin and it is unscented.  I didn’t noticed any unpleasant smell with it.  It’s supposed to absorb excess oil and cleanse skin without drying it out.  It did feel weird on my face but it was easy to remove.  It left my skin feeling soft and smoother and my skin felt really good afterward.  Full Size: $9.39


Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolates – In my box, I found a 1 pound bag.  I love Hershey’s Kisses and what girl doesn’t like chocolate?  Maybe some don’t but I don’t know many that doesn’t.  Anyway, they were wrapped in Valentine colors and I felt a little pampered sitting with my clay mask and eating a few Kisses.  And even though it may have been difficult, I shared my Kisses with my family!  18.5 oz (1 pound) bag $5.29, 11 oz bag $3.28


Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight Flat Iron Spray – If you watch my video below, you will notice how many time I said I was excited about this product.  I almost bought some a week or so ago but I didn’t.  Now I got to try it first before I bought it.  I will be buying it by the way.  It’s supposed to provide lasting straightness for 3 days straight.  At least up until you wash your hair again.  I straighten my hair all the time.  I have unruly curly, frizzy hair and the only way I wear it down is if it’s straight.  Anyway, I love the heat protection from this product.  I use other heat protectants for my hair and they work fine but I don’t get the same shine, anti-frizz and body as I do with using this product.  I don’t wash my hair every day.  I don’t go 3 days but I typically do every other day.  If I don’t wash my hair the next day, I would normally have to run my hair through my flat iron again in the morning.  Plus use more shine/anti-frizz product to my hair.  With this product I don’t.  I absolutely LOVE it!  I received a 1 fl oz bottle in my box but the full size is 3.5 fl oz for $9.99


Kiss Looks So Natural Lashes – These were obviously a full size product.  I have to admit, I have never used fake lashes before because for some reason, I am afraid too.  I don’t know why, I just am.  I haven’t tried them yet but after opening the package and really seeing how natural they really look and how they feel, I think I will give them a try.  Once I do, I will post a review or update my comments about them here.  Full Size $3.99


Red Rose Simply Indulgent Teas – YUM!  I love tea but I’m not a big tea drinker.  I have to be in the mood for it before I drink it.  I received 3 sample Crème Caramel tea bags and one Decaf Lemon Chiffon tea bag along with a $2.00 off coupon.  I didn’t try the lemon because I’m not very found of lemon in my tea but my husband did and he thought it was good with added sweetener.  I did try the Crème Caramel though and it smelled really sweet.  I was surprised that it didn’t taste more sweet than it did.  I didn’t add any sweetener or anything else to mine though.  For me, I thought it was sweet enough.  To others it may not have been as sweet as I thought it was because I don’t like tea overly sweet.  I thought the caramel flavor blended well with the tea flavor and it tasted like a medium blend.  Not too strong and not too light.  I thought it was really smooth and tasted great!  I recently wrote a review post —> here if you want to read more of my thoughts.  Full Size 20 Count Carton $4.49


Vaseline Men Spray Lotion – This is a product that my hubby got to try.  I received a full size product in my box.  He loves it.  It’s a continuous spray lotion and he uses it after his shower.  Sometimes soaps leave his skin feeling dry no matter what kind of soap we have in the bathroom.  He says it absorbs fast and he doesn’t have to rub it into his skin really.  he can just spray it and go.  For the most part anyway.  he says he doesn’t feel sticky and I have even noticed that his skin feels really soft after using it.  He says he’s going to buy more!  Full Size 6.5 oz Can $7.99


Check out my Jadore VoxBox Unboxing Video Below!

So that was everything that was included in my Jadore VoxBox from Influenster.  I was very happy with it and enjoyed it.  Thank you very much Influenster and thank you to the brands because they are all awesome products!  My box definitely exceeded my expectations being this is my first box and I love sharing my opinions about them!

If you would like an invite to Influenster, send me an email (located in my contact me page) with your email you would like for me to send an invite to.  Or you can leave a comment on this post with your email if you like.  I have 5 invites and when I run out, I will update when I do.

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.  However, I received a free VoxBox filled with mentioned products for testing and review purposes from Influenster.  All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

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