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The Happy’s Playdate Mommy Party #TheHappys #spon #ad


I love being a MomSelect Member.  Being a member has opened me up to a lot of opportunities and one of them was hosting a The Happy’s Playdate Mommy Party!  I received a free party kit from MomSelect/MommyParties and Cepia, LLC that included an assortment of The Happy’s and a Happy Ball accessory.  Along with them I also received supplies for the kids to make pet ears, activities, Werther’s popcorn for a snack and even supplied the batteries need for our The Happy’s.


The pets that we received included Bentley (an adorable “fuzzy” light tan colored pup), Chance (an adorable pup that reminds me of a beagle), Sport (an adorable “fuzzy” darker brown pup) and Mittens (a really cute white kitty).  What are The Happy’s you ask?  They are a new toy from the World of Zhu created by Cepia, LLC.  They are interactive that will actually follow, play, pounce and do tricks!  How do they do this?  Well, each pet comes with a pet treat that has a button on it.  The pets will move along on their own but with the treats, they can actually follow you and do tricks.  By holding the button down on the treat, an indicator light will come on.  If the treat is held in front of the pet where it can “see” it, will follow.  Moving the treat in certain ways can make the pet spin, pounce or do tricks.  What’s really neat about them is that each of the treats unlocks a different trick and they can be used with ANY of The Happy’s!  The tricks are really cute too.  They can wiggle and beg along with chasing and pouncing.


It is recommended that they are played with on hard floors and not on carpet.  We did use ours on carpet but our carpet is short and there isn’t much to it and they glided across the floor with no problem.  But I do want to make sure to mention that they are recommended for hard floors and not carpet so if they are not playing right on your carpet, you may want to take them to a hard surface.  The kids LOVED playing with them.  They are recommended for ages 4 years and older.  Our youngest is 4, our middle son is 8, and our daughter is 13.  She had a couple of her friends over who are the same age, I had my 7 year old nephew over and our middle son had one of his friends over who is almost 9.  So I had about 3 different age groups, both boys and girls and they all had fun playing with them.  They were playing with them and making them do tricks for almost 2 hours.  We actually had to make them put them away for a bit so they could have lunch.


They move around really great and easily.  I love when they are “chasing” because they run pretty quickly.  They were all laughing and having a good time.  The Happy Ball accessory was absolutely adorable.  It works the same way as the treats.  Hold the button down until the indicator light comes on and the pets can chase it.  One of them was rolling the ball in front of one of them and the puppy took off after the ball and “caught” it.  They are designed so that they can kind of lift up to where they look like they are begging or getting ready to pounce.  As soon as they come to the ball, they do that and it looks like they are pushing the ball.  Actually they are because they keep moving.  I think it’s really cute.

Have you seen The Happy’s commercial?  They really work like they do in the commercial, I couldn’t believe it.  If you haven’t seen it, check out the video below:

The kids liked The Happy’s a lot better than ZhuZhu Pets and I think it’s because The Happy’s provide a lot more interaction.  We think they are really cute, very fun to play with and the tricks they do are really cute.  I know with my kids they got bored with the ZhuZhu Pets pretty quickly and I think Cepia, LLC developed something pretty great when it comes to The Happy’s.  My kids still have not gotten bored with them and they play with them all the time!

Disclaimer:  I received free products in order to host the Cepia, LLC sponsored MommyParty.  The opinions expressed in my post are 100% my own.

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