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If you are looking for tickets for a sports event, concert, attractions, Broadway etc., you might want to check out  I recently received an opportunity to purchase tickets using ScoreBig and was given a promo code to take some of the cost off my purchase.  My husband and I were planning on going to another Cincinnati Bengals game this year so that’s what I looked for.  When it comes to sports, you can get tickets for NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.  You can search for what’s in your area or if there are sports tickets, concerts, attractions or Broadway that you are specifically looking for, you can type it in the search.  If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can sign in or sign up and submit a request to have what you are looking for added.  For example, Phillip Phillips is going to be close to our area soon but they didn’t have tickets listed for it.  I looked up the date, location and the name of his tour and filled in the form that comes up.  When I searched for tickets and nothing was found, I saw the option to have it added.  If ScoreBig can get it added, they will let you know via email if they were able to.


Before I go any further about my experience using ScoreBig, below is a little information about it:


When you are buying tickets from ScoreBig, you are buying tickets cheaper than box office prices.  Once you find the event you want tickets for, you click on the blue “find tickets” button for that event.  This is the really fun and exciting part.  Instead of ScoreBig just giving you a ticket price, you get to say what you want to pay for your tickets.  Click the blue “make offer” button and enter the price per ticket you want to pay.  You will see an indicator bar under the price you are entering.  For example:


If your offer is in the green, the more likely your offer will be accepted.  With my ticket buying experience, my offer was accepted as soon as my price hit the green.  It wasn’t too far into the green at all.  I basically just raised it dollar by dollar when I was close until it turned green.  Anyway, once you are settled on your price and you are confident with the indicator bar, hit “review offer”.  After I did that, I went through the checkout filling in all my billing info and everything.  When I submitted, I found out if my offer was accepted immediately.  The first time I did it, it wasn’t.  It was the first time using this site so I was still figuring it out and my offer didn’t quite hit the green on the bar.

The image above isn’t the game we are going to.  I just got a screenshot for sake of this review post.  We are going to the Cincinnati Bengals vs. Atlanta Falcons (first home game of the regular season) and I can’t wait!  We ended up getting really good seats.  We are in the 5 star seating area (shown in purple in the image above).  When you buy tickets, they are guaranteed to be seats together.  You choose your seating area but not specific seats.  By not being able to choose specific seats, it allows ScoreBig to guarantee seats together in the area you want.


Not only are tickets below box office prices, there aren’t any fees either so you are saving more money there too.  Shipping of tickets are always free.  Depending on the type of tickets, they may email them or they ship via FedEx.  Shortly after you buy your tickets, you will receive an email with information about shipping, how you will be receiving them, and when they will be shipped.  I received my email about my tickets only 5 minutes later.  It told me when my tickets will be shipped because ours will be delivered.  They also send tracking information too and they also in that email, they told me which seats we have in the area we bought them for.  Since I got our seating info, I looked up the stadium seating map on the Bengals website and found the view we will be seeing from where we will be sitting.


I think those are awesome seats!  I looked up the average price for those seats and we got our tickets $20-$30 cheaper for each ticket!  Our total was $160 and that’s almost what we paid the last game we went to way up in the cheap seats.  I definitely recommend buying tickets at ScoreBig because chances are, you are going to find a better deal.  I will definitely be using ScoreBig again!


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Disclaimer:  I was not paid to write this post.  However, I was given a promo code to use to purchase the tickets I wanted or to go towards the purchase of the tickets I wanted to buy.  All opinions express in this review are 100% my own.

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