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What is Influenster? Become an Influenster to test and review products


I thought I would put together a post about Influenster.  What it’s about and how it works – to the best of my ability anyway.  Influenster is basically a measure of your influence across your social media sites.  The point of it is to share experiences and opinions of products and learn about new products.  Not only reviewing them but also sharing them via social media as well.  There are a lot of different activities you can do on Influenster such as reviewing products you have used, answering questions about products, sharing about products etc.

Influenster is also a place where you unlock badges.  Everything has to do with badges.  You unlock certain ones such as Expert Badges and Life Stage Badges that are relevant to your lifestyle.  This is how Influenster determines your demographics when it comes to selecting Influensters for products to test for free – VoxBoxes.  Of course it’s not just about the badges you have unlocked, it’s also about your score and how active you are with Influenster.  You want to connect all your social media accounts that you have to your Influenster account because using those helps a great deal in determining your total score.

Expert Badges

If you sign up for Influenster, you have to choose wisely which Expert Badges you want to unlock.  You can only unlock 5 of them so you want to pick ones that suit you best.  I didn’t really know that when I first signed up.  The 5 badges that I hold do fit my lifestyle but there is one of them that I wish I would have chosen instead of one of the ones that I have so choose wisely.  You do a few tasks for each of the ones that you have chosen to unlock them.  Some of them are one time only tasks while others can be repeated.  The more you complete the better and the more often you complete the repeatable ones the better as well.

Life Stage Badges

Life Stage Badges are unlimited.  These are badges such as motherhood, pets, health and wellness, and things like that.  These go along with demographics as well so you want to do as many of the tasks for the ones that fit into your life stages.

VoxBox Badges

These badges can’t be unlocked by just anyone.  If you receive a VoxBox you will be able to unlock the badge for that box.  If you get a VoxBox, it will be filled with products for you to try, test, review, and share your opinions and experiences of them.  Once you get a box, you check it in on Influenster by clicking on that particular VoxBox Badge that will be visible on your profile.  Once you do that, you will see a bunch of tasks that you can complete for your box.  Such as creating an unboxing video on YouTube, sharing a photo of your box on Instagram, write a blog post about your box, or there may be a few tasks specifically for some of the products in your box.  These tasks are optional but it’s best if you do as many as you can because it helps your overall Influenster score, plus it also helps your score for the VoxBox you received.

As the program goes on, the brand badges for the products that were included in your box will come up.  To unlock all the product badges, you must complete all the tasks for the badge.  If you unlock a brand badge, they usually have some kind of reward.  One of my previous boxes that I received included a KISSNails product and by completing that badge, every badge holder automatically received a few KISSNails products.  Other rewards are things like winning a prize pack for that brand or getting a huge discount on a purchase.  To qualify for some of these you have to have a top 20 score for that box you are reviewing.

There is a score for the VoxBox itself when you go to the badge page.  There’s a meter at the top and the more tasks you do and the more brand badges you unlock, the meter goes up.  The higher you go, the more chances you have of winning or receiving more free products from the brands that are included in your VoxBox as a reward.  They usually have a Twitter party at some point during the VoxBox program you are in and joining in will also help your score.  Like I said, the more active you are, the better.  Being active isn’t limited to just the tasks and activities you can do on Influenster.

Below is a past VoxBox that I received and the current VoxBox that I recently received and am working on.


This is the JaDore VoxBox I received in the past.  Follow the link to see my full blog post about that one for more details about it.


This is the current VoxBox that I received recently for May 2014.  This one is called the GoVoxBox.  I will have a blog post link for this one with more details about it once I have it posted.

I hope I explained it well enough.  I don’t know the exacts of everything but after receiving a VoxBox before and now having receiving my second box, I have a much better idea of how it works.  I don’t know the exact way the select Influensters to receive a VoxBox but I’m pretty sure it depends on what Expert Badges you hold, how many different Life Stage badge activities that have been completed for demographics combined with your Influenster score.  I will say the more active you are, the better chances you have of being selected for a VoxBox.  It can seem discouraging at times but if you stick with it, you will eventually be selected.  I have been an Influenster since August of 2013 and got my first box just a couple months ago.

It does sound like a lot of work but it is so worth it.  Signing up is free and you could be selected to receive free products.  I enjoy it a lot and it’s a lot of fun sharing my opinions and experiences!  I don’t think you need to have someone invite you anymore to join like it used to be but I do have some invites if anyone wants me to send one.  Sending invites helps your score and I think it works the other way too meaning that the person that invites you helps your score as well.  Kind of like a “team”.  I’m not absolutely sure on that so please don’t quote me on it.  If you would like an invite, leave a comment on this post or send me an email with the email you want me to send the invite to.  You can find my email by clicking the About/Contact Me tab at the top of my page.

If you join, have fun!

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.

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