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Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunblock/Sunscreen #Review #gotitfree #ad

I am a BzzAgent and received the opportunity to test and review Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen.  I was sent a Bzz kit that included a full size product and samples to share along with some pass along coupons completely free for my use and review and to tell others what I thought about it.  I am adamant about the importance of sunscreen and sunblock.  Even for just short trips outside or even just trips to the grocery store.  Especially in the Spring and Summer, I am constantly putting sunblock on my kids and I always use sunscreen on myself even though I don’t want to smell like a beach all the time.  I was really excited to try out Coppertone Clearly Sheer because it sounded like a really great replacement for what I normally use on a daily basis.


Coppertone Clearly Sheer For Sunny Days is for every day use.  It’s a sheer formula meaning that it absorbs very quickly, doesn’t clog pores, is lightweight and barely leaves any trace of it on your skin.  Actually, after using it just about every day, I never noticed a single trace of it on my skin.  It literally absorbs into skin almost instantly.  It is so fast it’s unbelievable really.  I can not tell at all I even pout anything on my skin.  My skin isn’t sticky, it’s not greasy, it’s literally like I didn’t put anything on my skin at all.  Like I said, unbelievable but I am being 100% honest with you.

It actually does a really great job moisturizing my skin as well so it works as a really great moisturizer too.  I use it on my face as well as everywhere else that it exposed to the sun.  It works great on my face.  It has a matte finish and works well with your makeup.  It’s great to use under makeup without interfering with your look.  I haven’t experienced any issues with clogged pores or breakouts of any kind.  I have actually replaced my daily facial moisturizer with it because I don’t need a moisturizer on top of sunscreen with this product.  It doesn’t make my skin feel or look oily or greasy either.

SPF 30 is what I typically use for myself which is perfect because Coppertone Clearly Sheer For Sunny Days contains SPF 30.  It is water resistant up to 80 minutes.  I love this product because it really is great for every day use.  Like I said, if I’m not at the pool or the beach, I don’t really feel like smelling like I am.  If I am running errands, I really don’t want to smell like I am.  That’s another thing that I love about this product.  At first, the scent is somewhat like other sunscreens or sunblocks but not as noticeable.  It has more of a citrusy scent to it and the “beachiness” scent disapates leaving a very light, clean citrus scent.  The scent is so light that someone would have to be creepily way to close to smell it on you.

I love the thickness of this lotion too.  Normally sunscreen or sunblock is a little on the runny side.  This however, is not.  It’s thicker.  It’s not runny at all, more of like a really creamy lotion. 

Coppertone Clearly Sheer For Beach & Pool is pretty much the same thing except that it has a tropical fruit and flowery scent to it.  I think there was a mistake with the Bzz kit because instead of the Clearly Sheer Beach & Pool samples (the blue ones pictured above) are regular Coppertone Continuous Spray with SPF 50.  Which is fine because I have been using that product for my kids for years and we love it.  It’s our favorite that we use for our kids.

Overall, I absolutely love Coppertone Clearly Sheer Sunscreen.  It has replaced my other sunscreen that I use on a regular basis.  With this product, it’s like I’m not even using sunscreen at all and my skin is even left feeling well moisturized, and soft and smooth!

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.  However, I received free product(s) mentioned in this post from Coppertone through BzzAgent.  All thoughts and opinions expressed in my review post are 100% my own.

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