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Fifth Avenue Trilogy Review & Gift Bag of Beauty Products Blog #Giveaway #ad


A few weeks ago I was asked if I would like to participate in a blog book tour featuring the Fifth Avenue Trilogy.  After reading what the trilogy was about, I was excited to be part of it.  I was sent advanced copies of each of the three books free for my reading pleasure and blog review.  The first one was released this month in June, the second one next month in July and the third one a month later in August.  This trilogy includes sex and scandal, relationships and revenge.  Harlequin Presents, the world’s leading publisher of books for women are launching the Fifth Avenue trilogy as follows:

  • Avenge Me by Maisey Yates (June 2014)
  • Scandalize Me by Caitlin Crews (July 2014)
  • Expose Me by Kate Hewitt (August 2014)

Description of the Fifth Avenue Trilogy as a whole:

“Austin, Hunter and Alex were inseparable during their school days, but the sudden death of their good friend Sarah Michaels tore them apart.  However, her death was not as it seemed.  Under the many falsehoods lies a corruption so sordid that New York’s elite would never believe it.  Now in positions of wealth and power, these men vow to use their influence to bring down the man responsible – Jason Treffen, an infamous philanthropic billionaire.  With a plan in place, Austin, Hunter and Alex are ready for anything – until three very different women enter their lives, making them question their motives for revenge.” 

Sarah Michaels’ death was suicide because of what Jason Treffen had done to her.  And many other women.  Despite being an advocate for women and defended women in abusive situations, this man was a monster.  Using his law firm and his power, he recruited young women out of college and helped them with their loans or other things they needed help with and in turn used that power to control them and coerce them into dates with his colleagues and himself and eventually coercing them into sex and other sexual favors.  Always using what he did for them over their heads and with manipulation was able to get them to do anything after breaking them.

Without many words, Sarah tried reaching out to each of her best friends, Austin, Hunter and Alex but they didn’t really grasp what was going on because she never came right out and said it.  But each one of them felt nothing but gilt the last ten years because each of them felt they should have been able to see.  They drifted from one another over the last ten years because the pain and guilt ate at them.  They met once a year in the month that Sarah took her life.  It was ten years later when Austin came upon a letter and information about Sarah’s death which confirmed there was more to her death after all these years.  They vowed to get revenge.  Three friends, three plans for revenge, three sexy novels!


Avenge Me

Avenge Me begins with a prologue about Sarah’s death and how these men and Sarah were really good friends.  And how Austin, Hunter, and Alex drifted after her death.  During their once a year get together, Austin revealed a letter that was sent to his office that he picked up (he’s a lawyer) that was about Sarah.  They had suspected something was amiss between she and Jason Treffen who happens to be Austin’s father that he didn’t have anything to do with over the last ten years.  They didn’t know exactly what they suspected but after they started looking further into it, they found it was a lot more than they thought it was.

After that letter, they all vowed for revenge.  Avenge Me is all about Austin and his relationship after his encounter with a certain woman and his own part in the revenge against his father.  After being estranged from his father all these years, he decided to “reconcile” with his father so he can find out more truths and to get his own revenge.  He went to one of his father’s law office parties and while he was sitting at the bar beating himself up for even being there in the first place, he happens upon a woman after she was coming back from Jason’s office.  Austin had no idea who she was or what she was even up to.  After their steamy conversation about sex (which Austin beat himself up about even though he wanted it because it made him feel like he was his father).  They were both expecting this to be a one night stand and be the end of it until the next day he went to his father’s office and heard her talking to him.  She was the party planner and he basically sabotaged her work and tried the whole manipulation games on her because he wanted to be able to use her as one of “his girls”.  But when she came out of the office, she ran into Austin and he took her straight out of their asking her if she was asking for trouble. 

He soon found out that her name was Katy Michaels.  Sarah’s sister.  Boy didn’t that make him feel so much better after what they did together!  He then vowed that he was going to protect her.  She ended up staying with him so he could protect her.  They were at odds with each other because she didn’t trust him at first after finding out he is Jason Treffen’s son.  They ended up working together to try to reveal what Jason has done and what he continues to do to women.  Katy discovered some information from his office that night she and Austin met but it wasn’t exactly proof.  It wasn’t enough.  While they were trying to find proof, they would do the dirty deed every once in a while to fulfill their needs even while they both told each other no more because Katy had issues from growing up with drug abuser parents and she felt she was too broken for a relationship and she had always planned on taking off when she was through with Jason (of course Austin didn’t know that).  And Austin couldn’t shake the feeling that he was using her and was like his father – as a reader, I can say that was far from the truth.

Austin felt like he was broken because he feared he was just like his father.  It took Katy a lot of convincing that he wasn’t.  But then Katy came to the conclusion that she didn’t want to just take off and leave Austin but she got the feeling Austin didn’t feel the same way.  Or rather he didn’t think he deserved her and actually believed he was a bad guy.  Not only do they work to find a way to begin the teardown of his father, they also have relationship issues.  Can Austin get over his fear and guilt?  Can each of them figure out their feelings and find something they didn’t expect to find?  All the while taking his father down?


Scandalize Me

In Scandalize Me, we move on to Hunter.  Hunter is an ex NFL player who was actually kicked out of the NFL because he just didn’t care.  After Sarah’s death, he didn’t care about what he did or what happened to him.  He had a bad attitude and a bad boy routine.  He didn’t care if he got into fights or who with.  Deep down, it was all a front for dealing with or rather not dealing with his guilt and anguish over Sarah.  They dated for three years while in college and she had gone to work at Jason Treffen’s firm.  She became one of “his girls” after he manipulated and broke her and got her to do what he wanted to her do.  At the time, Hunter didn’t know this.  None of them did.  Sarah broke it off with Hunter because she was ashamed and he didn’t want him dragged into it.  All Hunter knew (or at least thought he knew) was that Sarah had an affair with Jason.  After she broke it off with him, he later ran into her right before she took her life and he not knowing the truth of what was going on, he basically didn’t want anything to do with her and some things to her that he regretted. 

At the beginning of Scandalize Me, Zoe Brooks, a PR agent who rehabilitates stars like Hunter tracks him down.  She wants to rehabilitate him so the public will love him again.  At first he wanted nothing to do with it.  She finally got him to agree to it after a few attempts because she’s not one to take “no” for an answer.  Besides, she has her own agenda as to why she was doing this.  She needed him and wanted to use him to take down Jason Treffen herself.  She of course didn’t tell him this so he had no idea until later.

During the work she was doing with Hunter to get him back on good graces with the public, they of course ended up in some steamy situations although it did take a while to get there.  Zoe had her reasons for taking Treffen down and a really good reason.  She isn’t very trusting when it comes to men including Hunter.  But she convinced herself that if it ever came down to sleeping with him just to get him to do what she wanted him to do, she would.  She wasn’t expecting Hunter to care for her because of what she thought he was.  She never believed any man ever could love her or want anything to do with her because she felt she was no good and ruined.

When it finally came out what her agenda was with Hunter, he was already falling for her and she thought he was just like Jason because she knew he was friends with Austin and used to look up to Jason because years ago she worked at Jason’s firm and she was used by him.  She was one of his victims.  Hunter had to convince her that’s not what he was and nothing like him.  He even took her to meet with Austin and Alex and after they convinced her they weren’t evil like Jason Treffen either and they were trying to get their own revenge.  At this point she was torn with Hunter because she was having these feelings that she didn’t understand and she just knew that Hunter couldn’t possibly want anything to do with her.  Can Hunter convince her?  Can she ever let him in?  And all the while, she still needed her revenge.  Would she be able to with Hunter’s help with their so called relationship/non relationship is tarnished in her mind because it could never be possible?


Expose Me

Alex has his own part in this scheme of revenge.  His play in the scheme of revenge was to get close to Chelsea Maxwell.  Alex is in the media and has built quite the media empire.  Chelsea is a talk show host – a very popular daytime talk show and she was to have a primtime interview with Jason Treffen.  Her first primetime show and she was on her way of becoming even bigger.  Alex wanted to get close to Chelsea to talk her into confronting Jason.  Of course this was going to take some doing because even if she actually agreed, it cold mean the destruction of her career.

He didn’t even care if he had to sleep with her in order to get her to do it.  The problem was, as much as Alex lived and survived off his control over every aspect of his life, so did Chelsea.  They both have reasons kept secret from each other as to why they live their lives the way they do.  They don’t open up to anyone or share their feelings.  They stay hidden within themselves.  When Alex told Chelsea what a monster Jason Treffen really was, of course she didn’t believe it.  Jason was an advocate for women and was well known for all the good he did.  But what she didn’t know along with everyone else was the truth.  Alex needed to find her evidence before she would even think about considering it.

After Chelsea’s meeting with Jason – he wanted her to sign a contract that she would only ask certain questions during the interview.  This taking away all the control she had over her own show and she wasn’t happy about it.  She got the eerie feeling that Jason was hiding something.  She continued to work and meet with Alex but she still needed more information.  While they were working on that, they of course found themselves in bed a few times but it didn’t mean anything to either of them.  Both of them were about one night stands and had no interest in relationships.  It had never been a problem with either of them for years and years.  Relationships mean that they would have to share things and tell each other their feelings and the things they kept inside hidden.  Revealing them means they lose their control.

Chelsea had a bad childhood.  Her father was never there and her mother had constant boyfriends that always got a bit too friendly with her.  She also had a sister whom she basically forgotten until her sister looked her up a few years ago.  It was hard to find her because Chelsea isn’t even her real name.  She changed her name and made up a fake bio about her life because she wanted to forget it.  Be someone else.  She had other secrets of abuse from a man years ago.  She had secrets Alex would never know.  But when she decided after all these years that she finally deserved to be happy and wanted t let her walls down with someone – which surprised her, Alex got scared.  He didn’t want to hear it.  That meant he had to share.  The fact that he felt all these years that it was his fault that Sarah killed herself.  He was a monster.  Can these two get over their fear?  Will Chelsea decide to oust Jason Treffen?  Can Chelsea s even do that after feeling hurt by the one man, the only man who ever made her feel something?

My Thoughts

The Fifth Avenue Trilogy was so good.  I couldn’t stop reading.  Once I finished one, I started on the next.  I wasn’t sure how well a trilogy could work out with three different authors and three books that are about only one of these men.  It worked really nicely.  Even though each book was specifically about only one of them and their relationship, it never strayed from the big picture – taking Jason Treffen down.  Even though each of these books had more to do with their relationships, their feelings and secrets, how they can come through these relationships or not come through them, it still didn’t lose site of the main goals even though I got lost in the relationships.

Each one of their relationships tugged at my heart wanting them to be together.  One of them felt this way or another felt that way keeping them apart and it drove me nuts.  Of course their was sex in their relationships as well.  I don’t typically read romance novels but I wouldn’t call these romance novels.  Yes there are scenes that scream romance novel but this was different.  I loved the backstories of these men and these women because it made it feel more real.  I think I had a few tears while reading all three of these books but Alex and Chelsea really got me going. 

The main part of the story with Jason Treffen was good.  It didn’t consume the whole book because like I said, the main focus was each of their relationships.  But I felt even though the main overall story stayed in tact and it never got brushed aside.  And, it got to the point that every time I read Jason Treffen’s name, I wanted to get my own revenge!  I definitely recommend reading this trilogy.  It will tug at your heart, make you happy, make you blush, and make you angry all at the same time!


I was also sent a complimentary “Summer Essentials Kit” – a gift bag full of some awesome beauty products including an official copy of the first book, Avenge Me that came out this month.  I have exciting news!  I was also sent a second gift bag filled with the same products to give away to one of my lucky DustinNikki Mommy of Three readers!

Fifth Avenue “Summer Essentials Kit” Gift Bag includes:

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One of my lucky DustinNikki Mommy of Three readers will win a Fifth Avenue Gift bag shown above!

Giveaway is open the Continental U.S.A.

Giveaway ends June 23, 2014 at 11:59pm EST


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Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post however, I received a copy of all three books for my honest blog review.  I also received a free gift bag including the products mentioned in my post complimentary including an extra one to hold this giveaway.  All opinions expressed in my review are 100% my own.

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