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Ipsy Beauty Bag Subscription “Pretty in Paradise” June 2014 with Video


My June Ipsy bag arrived a couple days ago!  I was really excited about this month because like I do every month, I looked to see what I was receiving.  I ended up getting mostly cosmetics this time so I was pretty happy about that.  I also redeemed my Ipsy points that I had saved up for an extra item that came with my bag this month.  This month’s theme is called “Pretty in Paradise” and the bag design fits the theme pretty awesomely.  Also the bag design is by Rebecca Minkoff so that was pretty awesome too.  I love the dark blue color of the bag with the red lining.  The flowery print definitely says paradise!  Really cute.  Anyway, on to the products that I received this month….

Inside the bag:

  • Be a Bombshell Lash Out Mascara (full size) $15.00
  • DERMAdoctor DD Cream (deluxe sample) $9.50
  • Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray (deluxe sample) $3.00
  • Nicka K New York Shimmer Eyeliner (full size) $4.99
  • NYX Butter Gloss (full size) $5.00

Total Approximate Value of Bag – $37.49

I did the best I could with the values of the deluxe sample sizes.  The extra product I received with my bag was the NYX Bronze Smokey Look Kit and the value for that product which was full size is around $12.  I did not include that in the total bag value.  I received it from redeeming my Ipsy points that I had.  All subscribers can earn points for reviewing items they received and through referrals.  Anyway, onto what I thought about these products.


Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray – This product is a curl enhancer.  I do have naturally curly hair but I only wear my hair down when I straighten it.  If I don’t straighten it, I just put it up and don’t do much with it.  I haven’t actually tried this product out yet for that reason.  It does smell pretty good though.  It has a beachy coconut smell and I actually like the smell.  I might just use it for that reason!  Once I do get a chance to try it out, I will update this part of my post and let you know how well it holds my curls and what it does for my hair.  Full Size 4.2 oz $8.79

Be a Bombshell Lash Out Mascara – I love Be a Bombshell products.  I have used many of them.  I do have a ton of mascaras so I wasn’t terribly excited about receiving another one this month but I still like this mascara.  I have used it already and it’s a great black color.  I love how black it looks.  The mascara comes out on the brush evenly and I haven’t experienced any clumping or flaking.  I haven’t experienced any running either.  I use two coats of this mascara which is pretty normal for any mascara that I use.  It actually makes my lashes look fuller too.  I love it.  Full Size 9 g $15.00


DERMAdoctor DD Cream Defining BB Cream – I love BB creams.  It provides 15 healthy skin benefits.  At first I thought the shade of this product would be a little darker than what I need for my skin tone.  Normally it probably would be but I have been in the sun a lot in the past couple weeks so it did actually work well with my skin tone.  A couple weeks ago it wouldn’t have so if you have really light skin, this may not work very well for you unless it comes in different shades.  I can’t find a shade color on the tube I received though.  Anyway, it blends really well and it’s really creamy.  You can use it alone or as a foundation primer.  It works really well for a primer but since its summer and it’s hot, I use it alone.  The less I have on my face when it’s hot, the better.  I thought it did a great job covering blemishes and smoothing out or evening out my skin.  It does give me a pretty natural look and love the fact that it also contains SPF 30.  So basically it replaces my primer, foundation, concealer, and SPF all in one product.  I love the look of my skin after applying this product.  Full Size 40 ml $38.00

NYX Butter Gloss – Love, love, love!  The color that I received is Éclair.  It’s a light pink color and is very glossy.  It does seem a little shear but I think it’s a great color.  I don’t even have to use it over a lip color although it can be.  I think it is pigmented well enough to use all by itself.  I love the shine and it feels so good on my lips.  Doesn’t dry my lips out and actually moisturizes as it is pretty hydrated.  I do re-apply a couple times throughout the day.  It smells really good.  It’s like a caramel, candy, sweet scent.  Full Size 8 ml $5.00

Nicka K New York Shimmer Eyeliner – I don’t use very many colored eyeliner.  I normally stick to black so I’m not sure how often I will use the green color that I received.  It is a really, really pretty green and it is definitely shimmery.  I think I will mostly use it around my inner corners to make my eyes pop a little when I am creating a more glam type look.  It is easy to control when applying it and it is very easy to apply.  Once it is set and dry (it’s a liquid liner) it doesn’t seem to smear or smudge which is a good thing.  It lasts all day too.  I really do like this liner, it’s just not a color I will probably use all the time.  Full Size 1 oz $4.99


The last product I am telling you about is the NYX Bronze Smokey Look Kit that I received as an extra product free from redeeming my Ipsy points.  This is a full size pallet that comes with nine shadow colors and two lip colors.  I love all the shadow colors.  With the nine shades, you can create so many different bronze natural smokey looks.  There are a mix of matte and shimmery shades and I think they are all pigmented pretty well.  They also blend well too and I personally think that the shadow lasts all day pretty well.  By the end of the day, there wasn’t much creasing or fading.  There was a little but not enough to notice to be a big deal to me.  The lip colors I probably won’t get much use out of unless I use them over another lip color.  The pink is nice though but the brown lip color doesn’t look right on me alone.  I absolutely love this kit.  Full Size $12

Is Ipsy worth it? – Absolutely!

I always say this and once again, totally worth my $10.  I have been an Ipsy subscriber for 10 months now and love it.  I have been happy with each bag and they have all been valued at over $10 so in my opinion, it’s worth the money.  I have only received two bags so far that was just a bit “so-so” but you will get that every once in a while with any subscription such like this.  I absolutely loved this month’s bag.  Ipsy is the only one that I know of that does a pretty good job of getting you full size products and send you products that actually fits you.  The products that are sent to you are selected and sent to you depending on your preferences with what is called IpsyMatch.  This means that the products that you will receive, you will most likely get use out of them.  If you sign up, you may be put on a waitlist (I was on the waitlist for no longer than 5 weeks) but you will NOT be charged until you come off and your subscription actually starts.

There’s also perks to being an Ipsy subscriber.  I have actually connected with a few other “Ipsters” because of the way Ipsy website is designed.  That’s always fun and it’s fun to see what looks others have come up with.  Another awesome perk is earning Ipsy points.  You can earn points for giving feedback on the products you receive each month and you can also earn points with a personal referral link.  Once you earn enough points, you can choose a full size extra time.  The selection one what you can choose varies and they change them every once in a while. 

If you are interested in signing up, you can sign up here —-> Sign up for Ipsy

Check out my video below!

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.  I was not asked to write this post or make this video.  I received everything from my paid subscription paid for by me.

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