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I received a free Muller Quaker Yogurt product coupon complimentary from Influenster not too long ago.  It was one of the items in my recent GoVoxBox.  There are three varieties with lots of flavor varieties.   There’s Muller Corner, Muller Greek Corner, and Muller Frut Up.  The Frut Up contains a layer of fruit mouse and comes in 7 fruit flavors.  Greek Corner is greek yogurt that has fruit (8 different kinds) that has it’s own corner section in the container.  You can then lift the corner (as shown in the image above) and fold it over to dump all the fruit in the yogurt.  Muller Corner is the same way except instead of fruit, you get crunchy mix ins which include 7 different crunchy delights!

About Muller Quaker Yogurt (info also found on Influenster’s product page)

“Müller® yogurt, brought to you by Muller Quaker Dairy, is made with reduced-fat, Grade A milk and is a good source of nutrients like calcium and protein. It has no artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup. Available in more than 27 varieties, the line includes Müller® FrütUpâ„¢, Müller® Corner® and Müller® Greek Corner®.  Müller® yogurt varieties contain between 140-220 calories per serving.”

Sometimes low fat yogurt just doesn’t do it for me.  I just don’t like the taste of most low fat yogurts.  Muller yogurt is really good though So I am glad that I was given the opportunity to try it because I probably wouldn’t have otherwise.


I tried Muller Corner Choco Balls.  The yogurt is smooth and creamy and tastes really, really yummy.  It’s not too sweet and it’s not tangy either.  It’s the perfect flavor.  I love the little Choco Balls that mix in.  They are quite crunchy and have a great chocolate taste.  Not overly chocolaty so the chocolate doesn’t overtake the yogurt flavor.  In fact, I think it compliments the flavor of the yogurt and vise versa.  The crunchy choco balls aren’t too crunchy either which I appreciate.  I still can’t get over how great it tastes being a low fat yogurt!

I also love that there are no artificial flavors, coloring, or high fructose corn syrup too.  Great for breakfast and snacking!

Buy It:  I found the Muller Quaker display at my local Kroger with prices averaging $0.99 to $1.29 depending on variety.  If you are not sure where to buy, you can check HERE.

I highly recommend it!

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.  I received a free product coupon complimentary from Influenster for testing and review purposes.  All opinions expressed in my review post are 100% my own.

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