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ProFoot Pedi-Rock and ProFoot Triad Orthotic Shoe Inserts Review #GoPROFOOT @Influenster #ad


Not to long ago I was invited to be apart of the #GoVoxBox program through Influenster.  I received a VoxBox full of products absolutely free to test and review and the ProFoot Pedi-Rock and ProFoot Triad Orthotic shoe inserts were a couple of the products that I received in my box.  I was really excited to try these out because I get dry skin around the heels of my feet and calluses on the side of my big toes.  I regularly use a flat foot file which works well for the most part but sometimes irritates my skin because a flat file doesn’t contour the curves of your feet or toes.  I have always had issues with my arches causing my feet to hurt and I also experience knee and back pain if I am on my feet for so long so I also couldn’t wait to give the Triad Orthotic a try.


The Triad Orthotic is designed to help correct poor foot alignment.  They provide comfort in three areas – ball of foot, arch, and heel.  The area for the heel is very cushiony and really does a great job cushioning from impact.  This is a big deal for me because the way I walk, I end up stepping really hard on my heel.  I have tried not to do this but old habits are hard to break.  This is where my knee and back issues come into play.  More so my knee than anything.  With the impact not being as harsh, I have noticed a great deal in the difference when it comes to my knees when walking or running.  As I mentioned before, I have always had a problem with my arches.  I typically look for shoes with arch support but sometimes I can find good shoes for that.  This product allows for great arch support and after my daily walk (or rather during my daily walk), I haven’t experienced any foot pain.

They fit well in my shoes.  I have a pair of memory foam runners by Skechers.  I love those shoes, they are the most comfortable shoes I have found yet without the use of inserts.  But with these inserts on top of the comfort of my shoes, my feet are in love.  They slip in really easily and I never had any issues of them bunching up or slipping.  They even come with adhesive glue dots that you can use to keep them from sliding in your shoes and I didn’t even realize it at first.  I wore my shoes all day without it and didn’t even have any problems.  The inserts don’t leave your feet feeling overcrowded or make your shoes feel any tighter than they normally do.  At least I never had those issues.  These inserts don’t reach your toes either.  That way there’s no cramping at the toes.  Very comfy to wear all day.  I love them and they have helped me out a lot!


Now onto the second product my feet fell in love with.  The ProFoot Pedi-Rock.  Can I say ah-mazing!?  The rock is soft.  And I mean that in the way that you can actually press on it.  It’s stiff but squishy.  The outside layer feels like really rough sand paper.  I was actually afraid that it would tear my skin up while removing the dry skin but it was very gentle.  I was really impressed with that!  The shape and design allows you to hold it very comfortably.  It’s a lot different than a flat file.  Being shaped the way it is and the way you can hold it with ease while using it, it gives you more control on how you are filing your foot.  It contours to your foot with ease making it effortless.

The claim that it is gentle and doesn’t irritate skin is absolutely true.  I noticed a big difference just after the first use.  After I wiped away the dry skin that was removed, I could not believe the results – again, after just one use!  Those trouble areas look normal!  And the great thing?  I don’t have to use it as often as I do my flat food file!  I absolutely love it.  I wear my runners when walking or running but for the most part in the summer, I am in flip flops or barefoot and my feet look great! 


“The PROFOOT Pedi-Rock is the first soft foot file ergonomically designed delivering the ultimate foot file experience. The silicon carbide crystals gently remove even the toughest calluses in the shortest amount of time. Pedi-Rock can be used wet or dry and simply rinse with water and let air dry for the next use. Keep our feet Spring soft with Pedi-Rock!”  You can check it out here.

You can also check out ProFoot products by visiting their website and where to buy their products.  I do know for sure you can find them at Walmart!

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.  However, I received free product complimentary from Influenster for testing and review purposes.  All opinions expressed in my post are 100% my own.

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