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Strawberry Banana Parfait & Yogurt Smoothies @Chobani @BzzAgent #gotitfree #ad


Parfait & Yogurt Smoothies – I am a BzzAgent and I recently was invited to participate in a campaign featuring Chobani Greek Yogurt.  I received a free product coupon and tote bag for participating for review purposes.  I love using plain greek yogurt for a lot of things.  I can replace mayonnaise and sour cream with Chobani Greek Yogurt in dips, macaroni salad, potato salad and other recipes similar.  Yogurt is healthier than mayo or sour cream.  I came up with a couple yummy recipes on my own as you can see below.  I make Strawberry Banana Parfaits with it and I also make yogurt smoothies with it!

Strawberry Banana Parfait


This is really simple to make.  I don’t like blueberries so I like to stick with strawberries and bananas.  Feel free to change it up with different fruits though!  I start with a layer of yogurt, then a layer of both fruits I am using, then a layer of granola.  One top of the granola another layer of yogurt and I repeat the same laying order.  I usually make sure the top layer is yogurt with a little granola on top.  Check out the recipe below!


1/2 to 1 Cup Chobani Plain Yogurt (depending on how much yogurt you like)
5 or 6 Sliced Strawberries
Half a Banana
1/2 to 1 Cup of Granola (depending on how much granola you like)
And a pretty glass (optional)


Choose the glass that you want to make it in. I like to either use a mason jar or wine glass.
Start with a layer of plain yogurt. Just enough to fill the bottom.
Then add a layer of the strawberries and a layer of the banana slices after slicing your fruit.
Then a layer of granola.
Repeat the same layering until you reach the top. I like to have the top layer as yogurt with a little granola on top.


Try different fruits. Making these are great too because the layering depends on you. If you want more yogurt, use more yogurt. If you want more granola, use more granola or less of something etc. Another thing to note is that plain yogurt can be tangy so if you want something a little sweeter, you can get a tub of vanilla yogurt.

Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie


This is also easy to make as well.  Basically just throw ice, yogurt, strawberries and bananas in your blender.  I don’t use juice in my smoothies because I like to use more ice.  The amount of ice I use gives it the consistency it needs without the added juice.  I also have an obsession with mason jars so my mason jar glasses are what I choose to pour mine into.  Following my recipe makes one 12 oz glass.  See the recipe card below!


2 Cups Ice
1 Cup Chobani Greek Yogurt (plain)
6-7 Sliced Strawberries
1 Banana


Chop your 2 cups of ice in blender before adding other ingredients.
Once ice is chopped, add yogurt, strawberries and banana slices to blender.
Blend on medium for about 30 seconds to a minute depending on your blender. All fruit and ice should be blended. Or if you have a blender like I do, use the smoothie button.

Both are very yummy and easy recipes!  Feel free to save them and try them yourself and don’t forget to pin them if you like them!  You can also check out my video below too if you like.  If you do, thanks for watching!

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.  However, I received free Chobani product for my use and review through BzzAgent.  All opinions expressed in my post are my own.

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