Free Set of 4 Superheroes Notebooks


Free Superheroes Notebook Set, Free 12 Pcs Colored Pencil Set, Free Cartoon Animal Pen Bag.  Each week one of these items will be given away to the first 100 people.  In order to get one of these freebies, go here —> facebook page and “like” them.  Then authorize facebook to use the app by clicking on the authorize button.  Then you will be given an authorization code.  Save the code because you will use this code to claim the freebie you want (as long as you are quick enough).

Breakdown of the first come, first serve freebies (first 100 for each).

Once you have got your authorization code, click “How to Use The Code” and it will take you to their website for the complete breakdown on how it works.  They also have some tips like the ones listed below:

  1. We recommend you to sign in early before the Giveaways start. You have to sign in with your Facebook account, the exact one you use acquiring the Authorization Code, or the order will fail (you won’t get the giveaway item).
  2. We recommend you to enter the Shipping Address early before the Giveaways start. Usually there’s no time for you to enter the Shipping Address after the Giveaways start, because other buyers which already entered Shipping Address might grab all the freebies. Again, it’s “Flash” Giveaway anyway.

So, on the Crov website, create an account using facebook (the same facebook account that you got the authorization code with).  You should see a little facebook button when you sign up.  Once you are signed up, look into your account and make sure to add your mailing address to it and save it as default address.  This way, when you claim a freebie, your address is already there.

NOTE:  Each person can only claim one freebie.  You only get one authorization code that is unique for you and is good for one time only.  That means you have to decide which one you want most and try to be fast enough to get it.  More details about how this works is on their site so make sure to read their whole breakdown when you click the “How to use code” button.

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.

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