Walmart Beauty Box or Baby Box – Only $5


Walmart Beauty Box or Baby Box – Only $5

Have you heard of the Walmart Beauty Box or Baby Box Subscriptions?  I just signed up for the Beauty Box yesterday.  The items shown above are some of the items that will be in the beauty box although you may receive a few different ones in your beauty box but it looks like it will be worth my five bucks.  This is a subscription but it’s only every three months.  The box is actually free, your are only paying a flat $5.00 for shipping.  You will automatically receive a new Beauty Box every three months.  You will get a Beauty Box 4 times throughout the year.  One in the fall, one in the winter, one in the spring and one in the Summer.  It’s only $5.00 per box meaning you only pay $5 every three months.  Your $5 payment won’t come out until after your box ships.  If you are interested, follow the link above to sign up and get started.  You can also cancel at any time.

Walmart Baby Box subscription works the same way as the Beauty Box does but you will get a box for each baby stage and it is tailored to you and your baby. 

There is still time to sign up in time for this quarter’s Beauty Box.  Once you sign up your Beauty Box will ship within a week or two and your $5 won’t be charged until your box ships.  You will not be charged every month.  Only every three months when the next box ships.

Can’t wait to get mine in a week or two!

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.

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