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Ipsy Beauty Bag Subscription “Beauty Candy” October 2014 with Video #ipsy


This is my new Ipsy Bag.  This month’s theme is “Beauty Candy” and is the October 2014 bag.  The bag is really cute.  It is a really pretty blue/green color and has a tiled look to it.  It is plastic like but has a liner on the inside.  It zips across the front instead of the top.  Included in this month’s bag is 5 items but in my picture you only see 4.  I contacted Ipsy about my missing item and they have already shipped my missing item and I should receive it within the next day or two.

What’s in the bag?

  • ECRU New York Acacia Protein BB Cream Beauty Balm for Hair (deluxe) $12.00
  • Figs & Rouge Hand Cream (full) $6.56
  • Starlooks Lip Gloss (deluxe) $6.00
  • MICA Beauty Mineral Eye Shadow (full) $14.95
  • Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Cloths (deluxe) $5.00

Approximate total value $44.51

If they are not full size, I did my math the best I could with the deluxe sizes.  Deluxe sizes are approximate values.

ECRU New York Acacia Protein BB Cream Beauty Balm for Hair – I haven’t had a chance to try this product yet because this is my missing item.  I will say that Ipsy has great customer service and if there is a problem with one of your products or if you have a product missing, they will send you another one with no cost to you.  I have only had an issue twice and have been a subscriber for over a year.  IpsyCare is really great about taking care of their subscribers and I have nothing but good things to say about their customer service.  Once I get my product and have a chance to use it, I will update with my thoughts about it.  Deluxe/mini 1 oz $12.00 Full 4.2 oz $30.00

Figs & Rouge Hand Cream – I love this hand cream!  It has a mango scent to it that is not overly powering making you smell like fruit all day.  It is fairly thick and creamy.  It’s very hydrating and keeps my hands feeling soft all day long.  This is a good thing because I tend to have dry hands this time of year.  Makes my skin feel soft and smooth, absorbs really well and quickly and does not leave skin feeling greasy or sticky – at all.  Full Size $6.56

Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Cloths – I was excited to try these out.  I like to use makeup/cleansing cloths to remove makeup before washing my face.  It makes removing makeup so much easier.  They have a clean smell to them and they are evenly moist.  These are actually intended to use as a replacement instead of washing your face.  They do have a soapy cleanser in them.  They do help minimize breakouts.  They clean really well.  I do normally have to pat dry my skin afterward because you can see a little soapy cleanser afterward.  They do not irritate my skin at all and I think they are absolutely amazing!  They clean so well it’s unbelievable.  Check out my video below because I actually use one to show you how easy they clean makeup off. Full Size 30ct $15.00


Starlooks Lip Gloss – I really like this lip gloss.  The color that I received is a pink color.  It’s not too light but it’s not dark either.  It’s the perfect shade for me.  It does have a great color on my lips and is really shiny and glossy.  It glides on creamy like and is really hydrated and does not dry my lips out.  Looks great alone or used over another lip color.  I wouldn’t exactly call it long wear but I only have to re-apply it once later in the day.  Full Size $12.00

MICA Beauty Mineral Eye Shadow – This is a loose mineral powder eye shadow.  While it’s in the jar, the color looks really dark.  The color that I got is Harlequin which is a green color.  When I did a swatch, the green color was lighter than I expected.  That’s okay though because I love the color.  It is pigmented really well and is a great color.  It’s a shimmer shadow so it has a bit of shimmer to it.  It works well with other shadows for blending too.  The jar has three little holes so you can shake some up to the top and my shadow brush grabs it really well.  I really like this shadow and being that I have only used a couple powder shadows like this, I’m going to have to get more in other colors because I honestly think it’s easier to work with.  Full Size $14.95

Is Ipsy worth it?  YES! 

I have been a subscriber for over a year and love it every month.  It’s only $10 a month and that includes the shipping.  If you are in Canada, there is shipping though.  You always receive 4-5 products each month some of them being generous deluxe samples or mini versions of the product.  Some of them are even full size.  I always look up the values and the total approximate value is on average around $40 each month.  I love how Ipsy works too because it’s the only subscription service that sends you products that best suit you.  They use their IpsyMatch which is a survey you take which you can re-take at any time.  They match you with products based on how you answered the questions.

Another great thing about Ipsy is that you can earn points for leaving feedback on the products you received.  They also have point opportunities to earn by sharing on facebook and you are also provided with your own personal link and get referral points.  These points can be redeemed for full size products that will come with your next Ipsy bag absolutely free.  If you are looking for a beauty subscription that’s affordable, Ipsy is definitely for you and I have been pretty happy with everything I receive each month!  If you are interested in signing up, sign up here —>  Sign up for Ipsy.

Check out my video!



Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.  I was not asked to write this post or make this video.  I received everything from my paid subscription paid for by me.

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