FREE Full Size Clear Scalp & Hair Shampoo & Conditioner


FREE Clear Scalp & Hair Shampoo & Conditioner

They are FULL SIZE!!!

Follow the link above to get yours.  Look in the rewards and click on it to see if you meet the requirements.

If you are not signed up at SplashScore, it’s free to sign up.

It’s a score of your facebook interactions. 

Requirements for this reward:  Score of 500 or more, 250 facebook friends, live in the USA, and like Clear on facebook.

Follow the instructions on how to claim your reward and it will be in the mail soon!

This reward expires in 7 days so if your score isn’t at 500 yet, you still have time to get your score up.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid or sponsored post. I like to share offers/samples that I sign up for myself. I always check them out first and only post offers/samples that are legit or appear to be legit to the best of my ability. I cannot guarantee them as they do not come from me.  However, I have never had a problem with SplashScore rewards.  Sign up at your own responsibility.

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