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InstaGC – Earn Points & Redeem for Cash or Instant Gift Cards (How it works & guide)


I signed up at InstaGC a few months ago (it was in the summer) but I didn’t get into it very much until last month.  It’s a great way to earn points to turn into real free money or instant gift cards.  It’s completely legit – I have already redeemed for a few Amazon gift cards.  If you are interested, sign up here —-> InstaGC Sign Up.  You will have to confirm your registration from the email they send you after you sign up.  It is free to sign up and you basically do different tasks like watch videos, listen to music, take surveys, complete offers and other easy stuff.  Basically, every 100 points equals $1.  Keep reading to learn how it works and my own personal guide (what I found that works best for me which may be helpful to you as well).


The image above is what you see when you log in.  These are what are called “walls”.  To the right of the page is a chat box and a ticker where you can see what other tasks other users are earning points on.  Each wall has many different offers, surveys, tasks, etc.  Some of the offers you may come across are duplicate offers so you will have to keep an eye out.  For example, one easy offer was to print a coupon for contacts and a few of the walls had the same offer.  If you completed it in one wall, most likely you aren’t going to get points for that exact same offer in another wall.  The Trialpay wall is mostly free trials to different things so I normally stay away from that one because I don’t want to sign up for something and forget to cancel.  There are tons of free offers to do without needing to pay or buy anything (there are some shopping ones as well).  All the surveys on all the walls are free.  The points can range from 40 points to over 200 points. 

My favorite walls are InstaGC which has a variety of different offers.  Website clicks, videos, surveys, a few offers.  All easy stuff.  When you watch videos, you have to watch 5 videos in a row for one point.  When you watch videos you will see a counter at the top of the page.  Once you have watched one video, a one will appear.  After the second, a two will appear and so on and so on.  The trick is, you don’t have to actually sit through the videos completely.  They are credited about a quarter to halfway through and as soon as the video is credited, you can select another.  It may only be one point for every five but even those one point tasks add up.

Another one I wanted to be sure to mention is the RadioLoyalty wall.  This one is different because it’s just a streaming radio.  You will earn 3 points for every half hour you listen.  Very simple.  You can choose your station and after each half hour a little video box comes up with a code that you enter into the box.  Once you have entered the code, you will earn 3 points which will be credited to your earnings within the hour.

Volume11 doesn’t have much but I always check daily because there is usually a repeatable short video in there that you can watch over and over again for one point each time.  There is normally a couple more very simple offers too and sometimes they are also repeatable.  But nothing much else goes on there.  My other favorite one is Peanut Labs.  There is always quite a few surveys in there and those ones I normally qualify for.  Most of them don’t take very long and it’s an easy way to earn quite a bit of points fairly quickly.  There are also normally some simple visit website tasks and other printing tasks that only take a minute or two.

RadiumOne has a couple coupon printing offers that you can complete daily.  You click, choose your coupons (the amount required to complete the tasks) and print them.  You don’t actually need to print.  You will need to “install” the site’s “printer”.  I never had any problems with it.  Anyway, when you click to print, you will see a message saying that your coupons were sent to your printer.  My printer doesn’t come up.  I don’t even have it turned on because I don’t have any ink but I always get credited my points.

CrowdFlower is mainly about tasks called “jobs”.  You do these simple web searching tasks for anywhere from 1 point to 7 points each.  After you complete so many, you will be opened up to higher paying “jobs”.  These are also really easy to do and they are normally fairly quick.

earnings giftcardstore

You will see your points total at the top of your InstaGC dashboard.  Once you are ready to redeem them, you can check out the Gift Card Store.  You can actually redeem a gift card when you have 100 points.  Most of the gift cards have a $1 value.  My GC preference is the Amazon gift cards.  I like to keep an amazon balance and this makes it easy to do.  Choose the gift card you want and then choose the amount you want to redeem for.  If you see that the amount is out of stock, don’t worry.  It doesn’t take long before they restock them.  You can get hundreds of different gift cards.  There’s amazon, Walmart, Target, Diamond Candles, Toys R Us, Netflix, and many, many, many, many more.  No gift cards are shipped.  They are instant which means you will instantly get a gift card code for the one you redeemed for.


Above is my latest Amazon Gift Card that I redeemed for.  In the store I selected Amazon and then the $15 GC option.  Instantly I received my gift card code.  It gives you the option to add it to your amazon account right from the page.  If you wait until later to add it, you will see the gift card in your “gift cards” tab on your account and you can add it to your amazon account at any time.  And that goes for any gift card you redeem for.  You can also opt to receive a check which will arrive in 1-2 weeks.  I think there is a way to set up direct deposit but I’m not sure how to go about that.

Anyway, as you can see, it doesn’t really take long to add up points.  Like I said, I didn’t really do much with it until midway through October.  The first two $1 highlighted cards are from InstaGC.  I just redeemed a couple here and there just to get an idea of how the redemption worked.  After that I started saving up my points and 4 or 5 days later, I had enough to redeem for $15 so it really doesn’t take a terribly long time to add up some points.  The other $5 gift cards I have in that list came from somewhere else.

It really is that easy!  Below are some tips that may help to earn points.

  • Use a different email!  This is important.  I use a separate email for freebies and offers and things like that because I don’t want my regular email to fill up.  When completing offers in InstaGC, you will want to do this or your main inbox is going to start to fill up.  Now there are some offers to sign up for paying survey sites and if there is one that I am not signed up with already, I will sign up to get my points from InstaGC but for those ones I will use my main email so I don’t miss out on surveys from that survey site.  All other offers though, I use that secondary email.
  • Make use of using multiple windows.  You can have multiple windows open for different offers and still earn points correctly.  Every time I sit down at InstaGC, I start up the RadioLoyalty and get that going.  I keep that open in a separate window and switch back over every half hour to enter my radio code.  Besides that, it’s music in the background.  Sometimes I will keep it running and mute it and start on videos in another video.  While the videos are going, I may take a survey and every few seconds go back to the video and see if I am ready to start a new one.  This way I can be making those minimal points in the background.
  • Do the daily surveys.  In the InstaGC wall, there are daily tasks that can be done once per day.  There are a few surveys that can be done once daily and usually you will qualify for those surveys.  I don’t think I have ever DQ’d the daily ones.  Making sure to complete the dailies almost always guarantees you at least some points each day.
  • Make sure to do any daily offers.  Even if I don’t feel like doing much on the site, I at least make sure I go on and do the daily offers and tasks like the coupon printing I mentioned.  It only takes me a few minutes
  • Don’t get overwhelmed or give up.  At first it may seem like you aren’t earning much.  There is a lot to check out and a lot to do.  Some days are really good point earning days and other days not so much.  For me, I like to save points anyway.  I do the same thing with any survey sites I belong to and cash them all out at the end of the year (around this time actually, October/November) to help with holiday shopping.
  • Keep an eye on the ticker.  I mentioned the ticker earlier in my post.  You can constantly see what other offers other users are completing and the point values.  Those are normally the hot offers that tons of people are earning from.  You can click on them right from the ticker so you don’t have to go hunting all over for some point earners.

I hope this info helps anyone who wants to sign up or those who are already signed up and don’t feel like they are getting anywhere.  All I usually do is give myself a half hour to an hour a day on the site.  Sometimes I just let the radio run while I am doing other stuff even if it’s housework, doing something with the kiddos, blog stuff etc.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.  Also, most of the other users on InstaGC are really helpful if you ask questions in the chat box.

InstaGC is open to all residents from the following countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, United Kingdom and United States.

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.

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