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Ipsy Beauty Bag Subscription “Girl Meets Glitter” November 2014 with Video #ipsy


This is my new November 2014 Ipsy bag.  I got it in the mail a few days ago and wanted to try out the products before I posted.  This month’s theme is “Girl Meets Glitter” and the bag is absolutely adorable.  It does have a plastic feel to it but very pliable and cloth like on the inside.  Pink zipper across the top and black liner on the inside.  It is very glittery!  Sparkles really pretty too.  Now worries about glitter coming off though because like I said, it does have a plastic feel too it so it’s like there is a plastic like coating over it.  Very cute.

What’s in the bag?

  • Marc Anthony Oil Morocco Argan Oil Hairspray (Deluxe) $1.40
  • Be a Bombshell Cosmetics Eye Base Cream Shadow (Full) $14.00
  • Elizabeth Mott You’re So FINE Eyeliner (Full) $17.99
  • Glam Glow Powermud Dual Cleanse Treatment (Deluxe) $17.00
  • Nicole by O.P.I Nail Polish (Full) $7.00

Total Approximate Value $57.39

Extra items redeemed with my Ipsy points – Three Milani Gel Powder Eyeshadow Singles ($3.99 ea – Total $11.79).  I did not add these to the total of my bag because they are extra items.  I will get to the points a little further into my post.  I did the best I could with the approximate values of the deluxe sample sizes by using my math comparing the full size value of the products.

Marc Anthony Oil Morocco Argan Oil Hairspray – I honestly didn’t care to receive this product only because I would rather not receive haircare products in my Ipsy but for the most part, they don’t send me many haircare products.  I did use it though since I got it and I like it.  It has a great smell and not only is it a hairspray, it also makes my hair look shiny.  It has a pretty good hold and it’s a flexible hold.  It doesn’t make my hair feel sticky or crunchy.  So in my opinion, it is a pretty good hairspray.  Full Size 9 oz spray can $8.29.

Nicole by O.P.I Nail Polish – First of all, I love Nicole polish.  I get really excited any time I receive nail polishes in my Ipsy bag because they are the higher end polishes.  Some people consider them not being high end because you can find them at the drugstore.  Yes you can find Nicole polish in a drugstore but to me, $7 to $9 for a single bottle of polish is high end regardless of where you buy it.  When I buy polish, I go cheap and spend no more than $2 on a bottle.  Anyway, the color is actually a silver glitter polish.  It’s really pretty, goes on evenly and looks great alone or on top of another color.  What I like about it is that there is a lot of glitter.  It’s not one of those polishes that only looks like a lot of glitter leaving your nails looking like you are wearing a top coat with a few glitter pieces on your nails.  I used two coats of this polish and every part of my nail was glitter.  Another thing I like about it is that not only are there tiny pieces of glitter, there are also bigger pieces of glitter.  The polish catches the light and sparkles beautifully.  It has a bit of a texture feel to it because it’s glitter but it doesn’t have much of a rough feel to it.  Full Size $7.00 ($7-$9, I just used the lowest).

Glam Glow Powermud Dual Cleanse Treatment – First of all, this stuff smells really good.  It’s like a thick lotion but at the same time reminds me of a mud type product although it is creamier like a lotion.  You apply an even amount over your already clean skin.  I wash my face with my favorite facial cleanser before I used this product.  Then I applied it over my skin and left it on for about 6 or 7 minutes.  It is recommended to leave on for 5 to 10 minutes.  It felt kind of weird on my face while it was drying.  My skin felt kind of tight but not as tight as mud masks that I have used.  When you are ready, you rinse it off with water and the product on your face turns into an oil like cleansing treatment.  It made the skin on my face feel really good.  Softer and smoother and overall, looks a little healthier.  Pores seem to be a little less noticeable.  I didn’t have to use very much of it and I have only used it twice.  It does say use only once or twice a week.  But after only 2 days, I noticed a difference.  I probably have enough product in my deluxe sample to use it 3 or 4 more times maybe.  I really like this product but it does come with a bigger price tag.  Full Size 1.7 oz $69.00.

Elizabeth Mott You’re So FINE Eyeliner – This is a liquid eyeliner which is awesome.  The brush has a very fine end so it is a easy to apply.  I wish it was a little shorter though because the length of the applicator brush sometimes doesn’t give you full control.  It is a black liner and because this theme is glitter, it does have a little glitter to it.  I do really like this liner.  It’s waterproof and I can say it definitely is.  It is long wearing and I didn’t have any issues with it smudging.  It is a little difficult to remove but then again I still have not found an eyeliner that was really easy to remove.  The only thing I don’t like about it is that it seems to take a bit longer to dry than I prefer.  Other than that, I like it.  Full Size $17.99.

Be a Bombshell Eye Base Cream Shadow – I was really excited to get this product.  The color that I got is Submissive and it’s a weird light tannish/copperish color.  Even though I called it weird, it still is a pretty color.  It’s a great color for me because my every day makeup is typically nudes, tans, and browns.  It works really well as an eye base.  Other colors stack really well on top of it and makes top colors pop a little more.  Even though this is a cream shadow, I was still able to work with other colors pretty much immediately after applying it.  This can also just be used as a cream shadow all by itself as well.  It has a little shimmer to it and I personally think that shimmer shadows are easier to work with if they are cream shadows.  Really happy with this one.  Full Size $14.00.

Extra Free Items

I had earned enough points so I could claim a free item to be included in my bag.  The item I chose this time around was the Milani Gel Powder Eyeshadow Trio.  It came with three singles in the colors of Bella Gold, Bella Espresso, and Bella Ivory.  The Bella Gold is really beautiful.  The Espresso is a darker brown and the Ivory is really light.  All the colors are great for creating a natural smokey look and the shadows blend really well.  I do think that the ivory will probably used more as a highlight color because it is pretty light.  I think the gold is pigmented really well, the espresso is pigmented fairly well but I think it could be better.  I have to pack on a little of it to get the right look.  The ivory is also pigmented really well but it’s just really light.  They do have a decent wear to them and lasted between 6-8 hours before I really noticed any creasing.  Full Size $3.99 each.

Is Ipsy worth it?  YES! 

I have been a subscriber for over a year and love it every month.  It’s only $10 a month and that includes the shipping.  If you are in Canada, there is shipping though.  You always receive 4-5 products each month some of them being generous deluxe samples or mini versions of the product.  Some of them are even full size.  I always look up the values and the total approximate value is on average around $40 each month.  I love how Ipsy works too because it’s the only subscription service that sends you products that best suit you.  They use their IpsyMatch which is a survey you take which you can re-take at any time.  They match you with products based on how you answered the questions.

Another great thing about Ipsy is that you can earn points for leaving feedback on the products you received.  They also have point opportunities to earn by sharing on facebook and you are also provided with your own personal link and get referral points.  These points can be redeemed for full size products that will come with your next Ipsy bag absolutely free.  If you are looking for a beauty subscription that’s affordable, Ipsy is definitely for you and I have been pretty happy with everything I receive each month!  If you are interested in signing up, sign up here —>  Sign up for Ipsy.

Check out my video! {video will be added once I get it uploaded}

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.  I was not asked to write this post or make this video.  I received everything from my paid subscription paid for by me.


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