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Copper Sole Socks Blog Review #CopperSole #GotItFree


As a member of BzzAgent, I received an opportunity to try out Copper Sole Socks.  I was sent a kit with three pair of Copper Sole Socks for free for my use and review.  If you have never heard of Copper Sole Socks, below is a little information about them that was provided to me from BzzAgent.


“The term Athlete’s Foot is a little misleading. In fact, 70% of all people will develop Athlete’s Foot at some point in their life. You know what all those people have in common? It’s not a 40 inch vertical – they all have feet.

And, we’re guessing, so do you. But with Copper Sole socks you can put your worst foot fears to rest when you wear them at least 8 hours a day for around 4 weeks. They’re the only socks that contain EPA-registered Cupron AntiFungal Fibers. These special yarns are infused with copper ion technology which prevents and eliminates Athlete’s Foot fungus on the sock, killing 99.9% of it after 12 hours of contact.

Even if you’re sure your feet are fungus-free, you’ll be wowed by what these socks can do. The Cupron AntiFungal Fibers also eliminate and prevent foot odor, rejuvenating your feet while improving their appearance and elasticity. After only 4 weeks of wear you’ll notice a huge difference.”


As I mentioned above, I was sent three pair of Copper Sole Socks.  Along with my kit I received a bunch of 50% off coupons that I can pass along to my friends and anyone I talk to about these socks.  They are made with anti-fungal fibers which I found to be really interesting.  They actually prevent athletes foot by killing the fungus even 12 hours after contact.  As far as my athletics go, I do some walking and aerobic exercising but that’s about as far as it goes.  I have never experienced athletes foot but that doesn’t mean I never will.  Anyone can get athletes foot.  Like the statement above, as long as you have feet, you can get it.


Yeah, I know.  I have to admit, they aren’t very stylish.  The only thing negative I will say about these socks are that they are on the ugly end when it comes to footwear.  But don’t let appearances fool you.  These socks are legit and totally awesome.  I don’t wear socks that often except in the colder/cold seasons.  I am either wearing my tennies/sneakers or my boots.  Yes, I am a woman that loves her boots.  I have 4 pair of boots and I wear them constantly in the winter.  So even if I wear socks, they really can’t be seen unless it’s summer and I am wearing shorts.  But when wearing these socks, the only part that can really be seen is the white parts anyway so it just looks like you are wearing white socks.

I have told you that these socks help prevent and kills fungus but they do more than that.  They do an excellent job of keeping my feet dry throughout the day.  When I first got them I thought there was no way they were going to be able to do that.  These socks are thick and a little heavy and I figured they would do the opposite – make my feet sweat more.  They didn’t though.  They do a great job of keeping my feet dry and pulling moisture away.  No one likes to hear that their feet stink or would ever want to admit it.  Sometimes mine do especially when I wear my boots.  Normally if I am wearing my boots, I wear boot socks.  Instead I wear my Copper Sole Socks and a pair of my leg warmers when I wear my boots.  The first time I wore them and took my boots off after wearing them most of the day, I was very surprised there wasn’t any odor.  These socks absorbed it all, even the lingering odor that may have been left in my boots before I put them on.  I was very impressed!

These socks really do improve my appearance of my feet as well just like they claim they do.  Like I said, I have never experienced athletes foot but I do have rough dry skin on the heals of my feet.  I’m always using my stone and foot cream to keep it under control, moisturized and looking healthy.  After a few weeks of wearing these socks every chance I got, I did notice that even my dry areas aren’t as bad anymore.  I can’t remember the last time I got my foot stone out.  I do still moisturize though.

Another great thing about these socks are that they are really warm.  It’s weird because you would think this would make your feet sweat but they don’t.  I like to wear them around the house at night instead of my slippers.  Why not with the benefits they provide?  Overall I really like them.  They perform well, they are warm and they are really, really soft.  Even after being washed over and over – they haven’t lost their softness!

Buy them:  Right now you can buy them online at  They will be available in stores next year!

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.  I am a BzzAgent and I was sent a kit that included product mentioned in this post from Copper Sole Socks and BzzAgent for free for my use and review purposes.  All opinions expressed in my post are 100% my own.

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