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InStyler Max & Other Instyler Tools Review & Blog Giveaway #RSVPInStyler #gotitfree

InStyler Tools

I am a member of Vocalpoint and I was recently selected to review some InStyler tools.  I was sent a box that included three tools for free for my use and honest review.  I received the InStyler MAX, InStyler Ionic Styler Pro (Hot Brush & Flat Iron), and the InStyler Tulip (automatic curler).  I have seen the InStyler on TV before and I am always skeptical when it comes to infomercials sometimes.  Well, all the time actually.  I have bought things that didn’t work out so well and I have bought other things that did work really well.  I have always wanted to try an InStyler and almost bought one a couple times.  When I received the opportunity to test one out, I was beyond excited!

The InStyler MAX

This was the tool I was most excited to try out.  I have very thick and very curly natural curly hair.  It’s so thick and curly it actually looks like a pile of frizz on my head.  Which is why I never leave it down unless I straighten it.  The InStyler straightens, curls, waves, and also adds body and shine to your hair.  It’s very much a multi-tool and can actually replace a curling iron and a flat iron.  The reason is because instead of flat plates like a flat iron, it has a heated rotating barrel.  The top part of the InStyler has a curved tourmaline ceramic smoothing plate in the middle of the ionic brush bristles.  Will all of these features combined, it actually makes your hair shinier and smoother.  There are 4 heat settings and the highest setting is 425 F degrees.  It heats up in only 30 seconds so you don’t have to wait.  To change the settings, there is an indicator light right above the power button.  There are 4 lights indicating the 4 levels.  Keep hitting the power button until your desired level lights up.  Also included is a training guard.  This is nice to use if you aren’t used to using this product.  You can opt to clip it on the side of the barrel to protect your scalp from the heat if you get too close.  Once you get used to using a straightener with a barrel instead of plates, you can remove it.  I have been straightening my hair for a very long time so I just left it off even though this is a little different than an iron.  I didn’t have any issues with it.  It’s easy to handle, easy to use, and very comfortable to use so it’s up to you depending on your comfort level with using something new.

It also has a removable cool tip which you can snap on the end and have something to hold onto at the other end when moving it down your section of hair.  There is also a comb and a heat mat included in the box.  The heat mat is really nice because it protects your counter from the tool when you put it down on it.

Using instyler max

The barrel can rotate in both directions.  This is great for when I switch sides because of the way I hold the tool while straightening my hair.  When you are straightening your hair, you want to make sure the barrel is rotating in the direction of the bottom of your hair.  To switch the rotating direction, all you have to do is close the tool twice (quickly) like you are double clicking.  Then the barrel with turn directions.  Make sure your section of hair is between the barrel and the brush bristles.  Barrel under the hair, bristles on top.  Everyone’s hair is different so I can’t really say how much hair you should have in a section.  I found if I have too little or too much, I had to make more passes.  I eventually found what works best for me and for each section, I was only making one or two passes on each section.  For my hair I was using the highest setting.  You hair may get hot but I did notice that it wasn’t near as hot as it gets while using my flat iron on the same heat setting.

I always loved my flat iron.  I won’t mention what brand it is but it is a salon/professional brand and it does an amazing job on my hair.  The flat iron I had before that one took me about 2.5 to 3 hours to do my hair.  And I always have medium length hair.  When I got my professional iron, the time it took me went down to 1 to 1.5 hours to do my hair.  I was ecstatic then.  Imagine how ecstatic I was when I completely straightened my hair in only 45 minutes with the InStyler!  The very first time I used it, it did take me a little longer than that but after the second or third time using it, I got it done in only 45 minutes.  I NEVER thought that would ever be possible.  I mean, just look at my before picture!

before and after instyler max

Isn’t that crazy?!  I noticed a big difference in my hair too with the InStyler.  With my flat iron, I absolutely love how straight it gets my hair.  My hair is smooth and shiny (I do use product to make it shinier) BUT it doesn’t end up with as much body.  It never really bothered me much because it’s a lot better than the frizz ball I have.  With the InStyler, I have body.  I have volume.  It’s bouncier.  It’s just as smooth as the results I get with my flat iron but it is a little shinier – without product.

I did notice that every once in a while I had to pull out some strands of hair that were caught in the bristles.  That’s not the fault of the product though.  I have strands of hair fall out here and there when I wash my hair, style my hair, or even use my flat iron.  I only mention it because if you have that issue, you might want to pay attention and carefully pull off any loose strands that may be in there as you go along.  At first when I first started using it, the bristles kept getting in the way.  But after I got used to using it, it wasn’t an issue any longer.  It’s so easy to pull my hair through it.  I thought I might have issues with the bristles because of how my hair is but it didn’t pull my hair or anything.  The bristles do a great job of separating my hair while the barrel straightens and shines my hair.  Big advice here – go slow.  The slower you go, the better.   I absolutely LOVE the InStyler MAX!  I’m sad because I should have bought one a long time ago!

InStyler Ionic Styler Pro

As I mentioned at the beginning, this tool is a flat iron and a hot brush all in one.  Keep it open to use as a flat iron, close it and you can use it as a hot brush.  It has multiple heat settings up to 400 F degrees, straightens, waves, curls, shines, and adds body.  Obviously the plates are hot and so is the outside barrel but if you are using it when closed as a hot brush, the ionic bristles stay cool.  That way you can still touch it to control how you are curling your hair without touching the hot barrel.  You can get really bouncy curls and it also helps control frizz.  Another great thing is that is has a non slip grip and it doesn’t tangle in your hair.  The bristles are plastic like a comb and not a brush.  Great tool if you want to replace a hot brush and a flat iron!

InStyler Tulip

This is a great tool to replace your typical curling iron.  It has an open barrel so you can see what you are doing with your hair.  It’s really simple to use.  You take a section of your hair and insert it through the top.  There’s actually a small opening so you can get the section of hair in there easily.  Hold the Tulip as high as you want the curl to start.  You tap the auto curl button and the little barrel will rotate and grab all your hair into a curl.  When you let it go, you have an awesome curl.  The great thing about this is that you can create different curls.  You can have waves, you can have tight curls, or you can have soft loose curls.  The Tourmaline ceramic barrel is gentle and it controls frizz.  It also has safety guards so you don’t burn yourself.  There are three rotation settings and the barrel curls left and right so you can control your curling direction.  The timer settings (there are three of them) will produce the different levels of curls and there is also heat settings up to 430 F degrees.

All three of these tools can be used for all hair types.  It doesn’t matter if you have fine, medium, or thick hair – you can use them!

Buy Them:  Visit InStyler website to buy your favorite tools.  You can use code: SAVE30 at checkout to get 30% off your purchase!  This code is good for the purchase of two tools now through 1/31/15.  Example:  a $99.99 tool – 30% = $69.99!

instyler tools giveaway


How would you like to win one of these tools?!

One of my lucky DustinNikki Mommy of Three will win an InStyler Tool for themselves!

The winner will receive a random InStyler tool.  It will be a surprise and it will be one of these three tools.

Giveaway ends 12/20/14 at 11:59pm EST.


Here’s how to enter:

Use the Rafflecopter form below.  It’s as simple as just clicking!  You must complete the mandatory entry before extra entries are unlocked.  See each instruction for each entry.  You must follow DustinNikki Mommy of Three in some way (does not have to be every single way) like Google+, Facebook, NetworkedBlogs, Twitter, etc.  Of course of all the ways that you can follow us, are also extra entries too.  See all ways of entries in the Rafflecopter form.  Mandatory entry will require a comment on this post.  If you have any problems with the Rafflecopter form, please let me know by either leaving a comment on this post or by sending me an email and I will take a look at it.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more in depth Giveaway Rules, please see my Giveaway Rules page!

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post however, I received products mentioned in this post free for my use and review from InStyler and Vocalpoint.  Giveaway is supplied from the free items I received and will be shipped to the winner by Nicole from DustinNikki Mommy of Three.  The prize was provided free but DustinNikki Mommy of Three is paying for the shipment of prize to the winner of this giveaway.  All opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own honest opinions.

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  1. I think I would use the InStyler Ionic Styler Pro often, as I don’t have a flat iron, and I need one.

  2. I think i would get the most use out of the InStyler Tulip. I love curling my hair and i do so almost every day. This is something i would love to try on my hair.

  3. I think I would get the most use out of that flat iron, and it’s my favorite as well. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Oh I think my favorite would be the InStyler Tulip! Would love to use that instead of my old curling iron!

  5. I can’t wait to get a chance to try the instyler tulip! Out of the three, the tulip would be my first pick. I bought the orginal when it first came out & loved it, but my Mom has never had any luck with hot tools so, I let her try my instyler! That was 4 yrs. ago 😉 she LOVED it! Even though I hated to give up my good hair days, I couldn’t help but to let her keep it. Besides, her hair looked GREAT!

  6. I would love the InStyler Tulip best. A way to make curling my hair easier would be great.

  7. I think I’d like the InStyler MAX, looks like it did a good job of taming your hair so it should work well on mine.

  8. I think I would like to try the Tulip because I have the older version of the Instyler and I love it and it still works for me.

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