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Nescafe with Coffee-Mate Blog Review #spon


I love my coffee and was thrilled to have the opportunity to try out new Nescafe with Coffee-Mate.  I received a kit with free product and VIP coupons through Smiley360 for testing and sharing purposes.  The following opinions are 100% my own.


With this Smiley mission, I received a free canister of my choice and three free product coupons to share them with friends so they could also try them.  There are three flavors; French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Original.  I chose French Vanilla.  I thought this product was really interesting because it may just look like creamer but it’s not just creamer.  It’s actually coffee AND creamer in one!  Yep, it is actually coffee!


I really like it because if I just want a quick cup of coffee and I am out of k-cups, this is a great way to go.  You just fill a cup with hot water.  I either heat it up in the microwave or I just get some hot water out of my Keurig.  Then you just add two tablespoons of your Nescafe with Coffee-Mate per 8 oz cup of water.  When I first tried it, it was concerned with coffee grounds being in my cup since it is coffee.  But not to worry.  The coffee is ground so well that it all just looks like a powdery creamer.  I found it really easy to mix in my cup and every bit of it dissolved really well.

I did find that the coffee was just a little weak though with only two tablespoons per 8 oz of hot water.  It could just be me though because I do like a stronger coffee.  So I add an extra half tablespoon to each 8 oz cup.  With that extra half tablespoon, it tastes really great.  Another thing that I love about this product is sometimes I like to take coffee on the go and normally my go cup is even too big for my Keurig.  Now instead of making two cups with my machine to pour it into my go cup, I can just heat up my water in the microwave with my go cup (my go cup is obviously microwave safe) and then make my coffee with Nescafe with Coffee-Mate. 


The smell is absolutely delicious and it is delicious too!  It does have a great coffee taste with the right about of French Vanilla creamer flavor.  And it’s literally like drinking creamy coffee, it’s so good!  I have to say I am really pleased with it!

Buy It:  You can pick some up at most stores in the coffee aisle.  For more product info, click HERE.  And you can also get a $.75 off coupon HERE.

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.  However, I received free product mentioned in this review through Smiley 360 for my use and review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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