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I am a member of Crowdtap and I was recently invited to try Scott Naturals Tube Free to try and share my thoughts about it.  I was sent a free 4 roll package.  I was really excited about this opportunity because I think the whole idea of tube free toilet paper is a wonderful idea!  So many are wasted every year.  Did you know that nearly 1.5 million toilet paper tubes are thrown away in the U.S.?


My family has been using Scott Naturals products for a while now and when we first started using these products I was curious how natural they actually were.  I wasn’t sure if they were made completely of recycled materials or partially made from recycled materials.  When I asked a representative at Scott a while back, I was told that they don’t use 100% recycled materials because when they tried doing that, the quality and softness was compromised.  I was also told though that the Scott Natural Bath Tissue is made of 40% recycled fibers and that the packaging is made of 20% recycled materials.  They are also Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified meaning that the FSC has confirmed that this product has been sourced in an environmentally-friendly, socially responsible.

Now on to my review!  This bath tissue is completely safe for septic systems.  As I mentioned before, my family has been using Scott Naturals toilet paper for a while now and ever since we made the switch, I noticed that when you toss it in the toilet, you can see the paper starting to break up a little.  Not a whole lot, but a lot better than other brands.  That being said, it is a strong, durable paper that is not lacking in the softness department.  It is soft and is surprisingly only 1 ply.  With the strength and durability it has, that’s really all you need.

It has a quilt-like feel to it and it cleans really well.  It definitely does it’s job.  One mega roll equals 12 large rolls and being that it is only 1 ply, it also lasts a bit longer than some other brands.  Which is a good thing in our house because we are constantly telling our kids to stop using so much toilet paper. 

I love that it’s tube free because that’s less waste in the trashcan.  It still slides on the toilet paper roll dispenser without a problem and without tearing up the inside of the roll.  However, we do have a completely smooth dispenser roller.  It’s not one of those ones that collapse so you can remove it to place a new roll of toilet paper on.  As you are unrolling the paper, the roll turns easily even without the inner tube.  The paper also tears off easily.  I did notice that while using the tube free rolls that when we started to get a little more than halfway through (when there was about a quarter of it left), the roll started to unravel a little on the inside.  For us it wasn’t a big deal.

Overall we really like this bath tissue.  I love that there is less waste and environmentally friendly.  All without compromising performance and quality!

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.  I am a Crowdtap member and received free product from Scott Naturals through Crowdtap for my use and review.  All opinions expressed in my review are my own complete honest opinions and are 100% my own.

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