Smiley360 Seeds of Change Organic Foods Mission


Are you a Smiley360 member?  If not, you should sign up – it’s free to join and it’s a lot of fun.  If you are a member, check your dashboard and take a qualifying survey for the Seeds of Change Organic Foods Mission.  It’s an automatic qualifier meaning you will know immediately if you qualify.  Follow the link above to check it out or sign up if you are not already.

Follow the link above and sign up and you could be eligible to receive free products to try and share your opinions too!  If you are new to Smiley360, make sure you check out the site to learn more about it.  It’s simple, if you get in on a mission, you will be sent a free product to try out and then go back and complete simple sharing tasks to earn smiles.  You must complete the missions to stay eligible.

If you get accepted to this mission, your free kit will include:

  • One full value coupon for Seeds of Change® Rice products
  • One full value coupon for Seeds of Change® Simmer Sauce
  • One recipe booklet that includes 4 recipes to try using Seeds of Change® Rice products and Simmer Sauce
  • One Seeds of Change® branded magnet
  • One Seeds of Change® sustainable reusable tote bag
  • Smiley360 Sharing Guide

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.  I will be receiving a free kit that includes product mentioned from Smiley360.

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