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EcoTools Full Volume Styler Round Brush Review @ecotools @influenster #LoveMyEcoHairBrush #ad


I am an Influenster and recently I received the opportunity to participate in a new VoxBox program.  The latest VoxBox that I received was the Frosty VoxBox.  I received the box with all the products inside of it free from Influenster for testing and review purposes.  You can see my Frosty VoxBox post here.  One of the items I received in my box was the EcoTools Full Volume Styler Round Hairbrush.

A little about the brush – It claims that it decreases your hair drying time by 20%.  There are slots all around the barrel of the brush (this is the EcoVent design) which allows air to travel all the way through when using it while blow drying your hair.  It made with a bamboo handle, repurposed aluminum, and cruelty free bristles.  It also helps reduce frizz and static.


I have thick and naturally curly hair.  I don’t typically us a round brush with my hair because of that.  This brush would be better for those who have straight hair and perfect for those who need volume.  However, I do like to use a round brush when drying my hair.  For me, it works better than using a flat brush.  I love the size of this brush too.  It has a pretty big barrel which is really nice.  The bristles are spaced really well which does help with frizz and static.  There are post bristles and around each post bristle are really tiny bristles that catch your hair really well.

The handle is really easy to grip and the brush is lightweight.  Very easy to use and very easy to use while blow drying your hair.  I take a section of my hair and place the brush under it and then pull the brush down while holding my hair dryer over my hair.  When I get to the end of my hair, I like to turn the brush under a little so that each section of my hair ends up being flipped under.  I like to flip my hair out in sections too by using the brush on top of my hair and bringing the end of the section up over the brush.  I can get a nice flip under/flip over look while using it.

It does pull easy through my hair but every once in a while it does pull.  Not a whole lot but to be honest, I don’t think I have ever used any brush that hasn’t pulled my hair.  But it does pull a lot less than other brushes I have used.  The bristles are really awesome.  With the bristles and the design of them, it allows the brush to dry my hair and keep my hair even helping to minimize frizz.  I was really impressed how shiny my hair looked when I was done too.  I don’t really need any extra volume to my hair overall but close to my scalp it seems to lay flat.  I can get some extra volume in that area.

It really did cut my drying time.  As thick as my hair is, it can take me up to an hour to blow-dry my hair.  While using this brush, it only takes me about a half hour.  It’s a very durable brush too and made really well.  If you need a new round brush, I recommend this one!

Buy it:  Check out  You can buy the EcoTools Full Volume Styler Brush for $10.99

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post however, I received these product(s) complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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