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Beginning 2/9/15 – Ultimate Online Baby Shower – freebies, samples, flash giveaways


Beginning 2/9/15 – Ultimate Online Baby Shower – freebies, samples, flash giveaways

A new Ultimate Online Baby Shower Event will be starting soon.

This is how this works.  Each day there will be a few timed events.  Some of them will be flash giveaways meaning that a random winner will be drawn and the giveaways end within a couple hours after starting.  Follow the directions on them to enter when they go live.  Samples and freebies start at certain times on certain days as well.

How do the samples and freebies work?  Well, you will need to team up with a friend.  When they go live, the first X amount of people (first come, first serve basis) will be able to “send” the freebie to a friend.  When the freebie goes live, you will see a “send” button on the freebie page.  When you click that, you can choose a friend to send it to.  It will then post a link on their facebook wall.  (All of these are done on facebook on the sponsoring company/brand’s pages).  Then your friend clicks on the link posted to their wall and they are taken to a form to fill in to claim their sample or freebie.  If you want one of the samples or freebies, ask a friend to send on to you so it will be posted on your wall to claim it.


There is a calendar of events which you can see if you RSVP.  You can RSVP by using the link above in this post.  You are not required to RSVP to participate in any of the giveaways or samples/freebies.  But if you do, you will be entered for a chance to win one of two gift baskets valued over $300.  Make sure you like Sampler on facebook and you may need to like other sponsoring facebook pages as well when you enter a giveaway or try for a freebie.

Once these start, I will post each one individually in advance before they start each day and will re-post them for reminders.

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.  I don’t have any part in this event.  Just sharing for anyone who wants to participate.

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