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PINCHme Free Samples – How it Works

Pinchme free samples

Update as of 1/10/17

Sample days are normally once a month unless they have extra sample days.

Sample days are always a Tuesday and sometimes they have early release samples.

Samples are always released at NOON EST on sample days!

It has been a while since the last time that I posted about signing up for PINCHme so I thought I would write an updated post.  PINCHme is a free sample site that you can sign up for – it’s free, no strings attached.  Once a month, they release new samples and you can see what is available to you and order free samples.  There is never shipping either – boxes ship free and the samples are free.

When you sign up, you can sign up with facebook or by email.  You may have to enter a cell phone number.  This may have changed.  I have been a member since 2013 and when I signed up, I needed to enter my number.  This is only so they could send a code number so you can verify your account because each person can only have one account.  A reader a few months ago who had signed up said she didn’t have to do that so you may not have to anymore.  If you do, it’s a one time text and I have never gotten any other texts or phone calls.  I never had anything show up on my cell bill either.  I have been a member for a long time and it is completely legit.

After you are signed up and your profile filled in all you have to do is wait on sample day.  I follow their facebook page so that I don’t miss anything just in case I forget about upcoming sample day.  Every once in a while they release random samples but it’s not that often, they are pretty good about keeping to the schedule.  When you are logged in on the site and you are on the homepage of your account, at the top it shows the next sample release date.  When the samples are released, the samples that are available to you will be shown on your account homepage something similar to the image below (it’s an older screenshot).


These are older samples so you may or may not see these exact samples again.  Every once in a while, older samples will come back up.  Normally if you have already gotten a specific sample it won’t become available to you again unless it’s a different scent, flavor, color etc.  For example, one time I got  a dove lotion and then another time I was able to get another Dove lotion but only because it was in a different scent.  I couldn’t get the same scent sample again.  PINCHme makes it easy though because now all the samples that show up in your account, you can get.  It used to be that all samples will show up but if you clicked on it, you may or may not have been eligible for it.  But now you don’t have to worry about that.  If the sample is there, it is available to you and you can order it.  A lot of these times these samples do go quick though and sometimes if you aren’t quick enough, they may be gone right as you put it in your cart.  Usually that’s not a problem though because when you put something in your cart, it’s held there for a certain time so you can get the rest of your samples in your cart before checking out.

So basically if you have samples available to you, you click each one to add to your cart.  If the sample runs out, it will tell you if it is out of stock.  You can usually get all samples that are available to you as long as they are in stock when you add them.  I have gotten 3 to 7 samples per box.  Sometimes these samples are sample sizes, some are very generous deluxe sizes or travel sizes and some are even full size products!  PINCHme is always partnering with more and more brands and get some really great samples for all of us to sample.

There are tabs at the top of your account page.  There is a “how it works” tab you can check out, you can also check out the “past products” to see what kind of samples have been available in the past to get an idea of what kind of samples they have had, “PinchMe perks” are offers you can sign up for if any interest you (I have never signed up for any of those), and there is also a tab where you can refer friends.  On the right side you can see your account/profile and things like that.


After you get samples from PINCHme, you need to go back and leave feedback for the samples you try.  It’s really simple, just a few questions about what you thought about each one.  If you don’t leave feedback, you will be locked out of the next sample day until you complete them.  You can see that on the right side of the page next to your profile tab.  You also earn points for the feedback and short reviews you leave.  Not sure what the points are for but where you can see your points and the different ways to earn them, it says that PINCHme is working on ways you can use those points.  I’m still curious what they are going to let us do with them.


Another thing that PINCHme likes to do is every once in a while they will do a giveaway kind of thing (usually on Twitter) where they will give all members a chance to win a guaranteed sample box on sample day.  A lot of times those boxes even have samples that may not even be available to you at that time.  I am not sure about how they determine what samples are available to you.  I think it depends on demographical info when you sign up or how many points you have or how long you have been a member leaving feedback.  When I first signed up back in 2013, they had a level up system.  The higher I got, the more samples I was offered but I am not totally sure if that’s how it works. 

Here are a couple boxes that I have received in the past.  I received many more boxes but I normally include them in my mailbox haul photos and forget to take a picture of the box of samples by itself.

pinchme sample box 1

pinchme sample box 2

The next sample day is tomorrow, February 10, 2015 at 12:00pm (NOON) EST!

More past boxes!

Update as of 1/10/17

Sample days are normally once a month unless they have extra sample days.

Sample days are always a Tuesday and sometimes they have early release samples.

Samples are always released at NOON EST on sample days!

I am going to try to write up a box opening/review post for each box I receive from here on out.  So You may not see any more sample box photos added to this post anymore.  If you want to check out any PinchMe posts, follow the link HERE.

Follow either of the links in this post to sign up for free samples and always free shipping!

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.

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