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Duff Tie-Dye Cake Mix and Mickey Mouse Cake #DisneySide

Mickey Mouse Cake

Mickey Mouse cake! As most of you know, I was selected to host a Disney Side Home Celebrations party from BSMMedia.  They sent me a free party kit that included all kinds of Disney stuff to use for my party.  Since our son’s birthday was around the same time, we combined his party with our DisneySide party.  We had a mix and match Disney character party and we had a blast.  I bought other things that included Cars, Toy Story, Monsters Inc., and Planes.  And of course thanks to BSMMedia, we had Mickey Mouse including a few Minnie Mouse things too.

Wilton and Duff

Wilton was one of the sponsors and along with my kit, I received a Mickey Mouse cake pan.  I was really excited to make this cake.  Duff brand also being a sponsor, I received a Duff Tie Dye Cake mix.  I have only used one of these cake mixes once before so I was really excited to try it out again.  So for my son’s birthday/DisneySide party, we had a Mickey Mouse cake and cupcakes with Mike, Sully, and the little Alien guys from Toy Story.  The cupcakes were simple.  I meant to keep it that way since the cake was going to take a little work.  I bought colored cake mix for my cupcakes and just put green and blue icing on top of them and then topped them with cupcake toppers – very simple.

duff tie dye cake mix

Cake Mix

This cake mix requires a little preparation.  First you mix the cake mix as directed.  You only use egg whites so that the mix stays white.  Included in the mix is three Duff food coloring packets.  The instructions tell you how to make each color (6 colors in all) with the three colors.  Divide up the mix in 6 separate bowls and mix in the color.  You end up with blue, purple, green, yellow, orange, red and yellow.

Before pouring the cake batter into the pan, you want to make sure your cake isn’t going to stick.  I guess it depends on the cake pan you are using.  Since I was using the Wilton Mickey Mouse cake pan, I wanted to make sure it came out very easy.  I didn’t want the ears to break off and I definitely wanted all the indentations of Mickey’s face to be seen clearly – for piping purposes so it was easy to decorate.  Crisco.  You definitely want to use Crisco and flour.  Spread Crisco all over the inside of the pan.  Make sure you get every single nook and cranny.  Then sprinkle in some flour and just tilt the pan around until the flour covers everything.

Batter Colors

Next we pour in the batter.  The instructions are pretty specific about the color order which I assume this makes it easier to see all the colors when you cut the cake.  I followed the directions just as the box said to.  I think it started with the red.  Pour it in right in the center of the pan then pour in the next color right on top of the red, then the next right on top and so on and so on.  The batter will spread out on it’s own.  You can shake the pan a little if the batter needs s little help.

Then bake as directed.  By using the Crisco and flour, my cake came out beautifully.  Not a single part stuck and every single indentation was there.  Perfect!  I only let my cake cool for 10 to 15 minutes before I removed it.

Mickey Mouse Cake How To


I decorated my cake right on the platter that it was going to be served on because I was not going to attempt to move it after I was finished.  I first filled in the white parts of Mickey’s eyes and the pink area for his mouth.  When working with black frosting, I wanted to get those areas out of the way to prevent mixing.  The eyes and mouth didn’t look that pretty but those messy edges were cleaned up after I outlined everything.  After the eyes, mouth and outlining were done, I started with Mickey’s head and used the star tip on my pastry bag.  I just covered his head, ears and nose with little stars.

The black area inside is mouth wasn’t done in stars.  I just filled it in with my piping tip and carefully smoothed it out.  The same with the black parts of his eye.  Then with a toothpick, I added the little white dot on both his eyes.  The black icing was done with chocolate icing and some black food coloring.  If you try to make black icing with white icing, it’s just not going to work.  You might come out with a dark gray and that’s about it.

And to Finish

After all that was done, it was time for his face.  I just used buttercream icing and I didn’t need to add any food coloring to it, it was already the perfect color.  Again, I covered his face in stars.  I carefully worked around the piping I had done earlier because I didn’t want to cover it up.  Since I decorated it on the platter I was serving it on, I also made stars along the bottom of the cake hiding the gap between the cake and the platter.

And that’s it!  It looks complicated but it really was pretty easy.

duff tie dye cake

The cake was really colorful and very pretty.  Really good too.  Very moist and had a really great vanilla flavor.  Our Mickey cake didn’t last very long, that’s for sure!

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Disclaimer:  I was sent a free party kit that included a Wilton Mickey Mouse cake pan and Duff cake mix to use for my party.  All opinions expressed in my post are 100% my own.

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