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Ipsy Beauty Bag Subscription “Floral Fantasy” March 2015 with Video #ipsy

ipsy march 2015

Here is my new Ipsy bag!  This month’s theme was perfect this month since Spring has finally begun.  Although I wish Spring would actually show up.  It’s been so cold the last couple days that soccer practice has been cancelled a couple times and it was actually snowing yesterday.  I am just sad because I bought a bunch of new flip flops and I really want to wear them!  Anyway, the bag’s design has a pretty flowery print on it and the theme this month for March, 2015 is “Floral Fantasy”.

What’s in the bag?

  • Pixi Mineral Duo Eyeshadow (mini size, Ipsy exclusive) $4.00
  • NYX Butter Lipstick (full size) $6.00
  • Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Crayon (full size) $18.oo
  • Acure Organics Day Cream Lotion (deluxe sample, about half the full size) $9.00
  • Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels (deluxe, received 2 pair) $7.50

Total approximate value $44.50

I did my math by comparing the deluxe/mini sizes to the full size products.  For example, the Pixi eyeshadow comes in a palette with 6 other shades with each shade being about the same amount as each shade in my duo.  The palette is $12 so I came up with $2 per shade.  May not be the best way to do that one but I didn’t know an easier way.  The Acure lotion is literally almost half the full size so I just halved the full size price.  With the eye gels, they are $30 for 8 pair so I did the math to find out how much a single pair would basically cost.  Keep in mind that all values of the mini/deluxe sample sizes are only approximate.

ipsy march 2015a

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels – This was the one product that I wasn’t terribly thrilled to receive but since I have them, I am looking forward to trying them.  They are 100% vegetarian and cruelty free.  They claim to de-puff your eyes within 10 minutes and help to firm the skin under your eyes.  I didn’t try these immediately after I got them.  I wanted to wait until I had one of those stressful days or in the morning after one of those restless nights so I could really benefit from using them.  The first time I tried them, my eyes were a little puffy.  Not a whole lot but just enough to notice.  I had one of those nights where I kept waking up throughout the night so I didn’t get much sleep.  They are easy to apply, just peel away the backing and place them to the under eye area and wait for 10 minutes.  I thought they felt a little “cool”.  I didn’t feel any tightening or anything.  After I removed them, I did actually notice the puffiness was reduced a little.  Not a huge difference but there was a little difference.  As to whether they work great to improve firmness, I really can’t say since I only had two pair to try so I didn’t get to use them enough to really find out.  Full Size $30.00 for 8 pair.

Acure Organics Day Cream – This product is organic, vegan and cruelty free.  There are no nasty ingredients in it and I feel comfortable using it.  I actually have a full size tube of this stuff and have been using it regularly even before I got some from Ipsy.  I really love this day cream.  It promotes anti-aging and it does make my skin look and feel younger, healthier.  I absolutely love it.  It has a very light orange scent to it but it is so light that sometimes I forget it even has a scent.  It’s a thick cream that absorbs really well and fast.  You don’t need much at all.  It is really moisturizing and hydrating.  I like using it in the morning and apply it all over my face a couple hours before I apply my makeup.  I also like to use it after I wash my face at the end of the day even though it is called day cream.  Oh well, it can be night cream too I guess.  Doesn’t leave my skin feel or look oily or greasy either.  I love it.  Full Size 1.75 oz $18.00.

Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Crayon – Another product that I love!  It’s not only great for highlighting the brows, it’s also good for highlighting the cheekbone or even your nose.  I love that it is not shimmery – at all.  I sometimes highlight my cheekbone and that’s not really an area I would want to have any shimmer.  It’s really creamy which means it does not tug on skin which makes it very easy to apply.  It’s also nice for the inner corner of my eyes too to make them pop a little.  It blends really well too.  When I am using it to highlight my brow area, I just pat around that area with my finger to blend it in.  Works great with my skintone too.  Full Size $18.00.

NYX Butter Lipstick – Again, another product that I really like.  It has a little gloss to it but not a whole lot.  You can tell you are wearing lipstick when you first put it on but barely.  It reminds me more of a balm than a lipstick.  The color is really long lasting.  It was about 3-4 hours after I put it on and we went to the movies.  I didn’t reapply it once since I put it on and when I went into the bathroom after the movie, the color still looked just as good as it did when I put it on.  I figured it had all worn off because I couldn’t feel it on my lips.  We even had dinner before the movie too and I didn’t even re-apply after dinner.  It is very hydrating and doesn’t dry my lips out at all.  In fact, my lips felt like they were being moisturized.  This lipstick is also very affordable too!  Full Size $6.00.

Pixi Mineral Duo Eyeshadow – I love mineral shadows.  The only problem is, I have a hard time finding mineral shadows that have great pigment and look great for most of the day.  I love the Pixi brand so I had high hopes for this shadow.  I was really impressed with the color.  They are pigmented really well and the wear is pretty long lasting too.  My shadow looked great all day long.  It blends really well too and the two shades that were in this duo complimented each other really well.  It’s also great because these are the types of shades that I use on a regular basis so it’s nice to have them both in one place without having to pull out one of my big palettes.  This duo is exclusive to Ipsy though.  If you buy Pixi shadow you will have to buy a full 6 shade palette for $12.00.  They are worth it though!  I am definitely going to buy myself a couple!

Is Ipsy worth it?  YES! 

I have been a subscriber for over a year and love it every month.  It’s only $10 a month and that includes the shipping.  If you are in Canada, there is shipping though.  You always receive 4-5 products each month some of them being generous deluxe samples or mini versions of the product.  Some of them are even full size.  I always look up the values and the total approximate value is on average around $40 each month.  I love how Ipsy works too because it’s the only subscription service that sends you products that best suit you.  They use their IpsyMatch which is a survey you take which you can re-take at any time.  They match you with products based on how you answered the questions.

Another great thing about Ipsy is that you can earn points for leaving feedback on the products you received.  They also have point opportunities to earn by sharing on facebook and you are also provided with your own personal link and get referral points.  These points can be redeemed for full size products that will come with your next Ipsy bag absolutely free.  If you are looking for a beauty subscription that’s affordable, Ipsy is definitely for you and I have been pretty happy with everything I receive each month!

One more great thing is, Ipsy offers discounts on all the products/brands each month so if there is something you really like in your bag, you can buy it at a discounted price!  If you are interested in signing up, sign up here —>  Sign up for Ipsy.

Check out my video! {video will be added once I get it uploaded}

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.  I was not asked to write this post or make this video.  I received everything from my paid subscription paid for by me.

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