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Ipsy Beauty Bag Subscription “Jetsetter” May 2015 with Video #ipsy

ipsy may 2015

So this is my May 2015 Ipsy bag.  I did receive it on time, I am just a bit late getting it posted up.  I took a much needed break from the blog as summer has just started.  I am getting back into things.  Anyway, last month’s theme was “Jetsetter” and the bag of course is cute.  It’s a canvas type bag and it has a red liner on the inside.  The print of the front says, Contents: My Life.  I think I need a bigger bag for the contents of mine but still a cute bag.

What’s in the bag?

  • Briogeo Rosarco Milk Leave in Conditioning (deluxe) $4.00
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Lip Primer Pencil (deluxe) $4.50
  • BellaPierre Cosmetics Mineral Gel Eye Liner (full size) $13.00
  • Peter Lamas Citrus C Facial Cleanser (deluxe) $4.75
  • Luxie Beauty Tapered Blending Eye Brush (full size) $12.00

Total Approximate value $38.25!

I did my math by comparing the deluxe/mini sizes to the full size products.  Keep in mind that the deluxe/mini sizes are only approximate values!

Briogeo Rosarco Milk Leave in Conditioning – I really love this stuff for my hair!  I don’t normally like getting haircare products in my bag but I was happy with this one.  It does a great job of making my hair more manageable all day long, my hair feels softer and looks shinier.  I really like it and it has a good smell to it.  It doesn’t weigh my hair down or make it look or feel oily or greasy either.  Full Size 5 oz $20.00.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Lip Primer Pencil – I really like this product.  The deluxe size that I received was about a quarter of the full size.  I normally always apply lip balm before applying any lip color so I can smooth my lips out.  I normally do this about an hour before applying lip color.  With this lip primer, it notice a huge difference almost immediately.  It does a great job of filling lines and smoothing my lips.  I can apply lip color right after instead of waiting.  It does a great job of making any color pop and look better no matter what brand you are using.  Full Size 2.8 g $16.00.

BellaPierre Cosmetics Mineral Gel Eye Liner – This eyeliner is definitely black and looks great.  It glides on really well and doesn’t pull at my skin making it easy to line my eyelids.  It dries rather quickly as well.  It is kind of hard to remove but then again, what eye liner isn’t?  I love the look and I like how easy it is to apply.  Full Size $13.00.

Peter Lamas Citrus C Facial Cleanser – I really like this cleanser.  It cleans my face well and rinses easily enough.  I don’t feel any residue after I rinse which is a good thing.  It does tend to dry my skin out but then again, just about any cleanser does.  I always use a facial moisturizer and makes it all good.  It’s a citrus cleanser but it doesn’t really have a smell to it.  My skin feels great afterward and leaves it feeling fresh and clean.  Full Size 4 oz $19.00.

Luxie Beauty Tapered Blending Eye Brush –  I love this brush.  Its really soft and grabs hold of eye shadow really well.  It does it’s job when blending colors and I haven’t had any problems with it shedding or anything.  Works great and is comfortable to hold.  Full Size $12.00.

Is Ipsy worth it?  YES! 

I have been a subscriber for over a year and love it every month.  It’s only $10 a month and that includes the shipping.  If you are in Canada, there is shipping though.  You always receive 4-5 products each month some of them being generous deluxe samples or mini versions of the product.  Some of them are even full size.  I always look up the values and the total approximate value is on average around $40 each month.  I love how Ipsy works too because it’s the only subscription service that sends you products that best suit you.  They use their IpsyMatch which is a survey you take which you can re-take at any time.  They match you with products based on how you answered the questions.  However, there has been a few times where I wasn’t as excited as other months but every once in a while it’s to be expected.  Regardless, I am always happy with what I receive though.

Another great thing about Ipsy is that you can earn points for leaving feedback on the products you received.  They also have point opportunities to earn by sharing on facebook and you are also provided with your own personal link and get referral points.  These points can be redeemed for full size products that will come with your next Ipsy bag absolutely free.  If you are looking for a beauty subscription that’s affordable, Ipsy is definitely for you and I have been pretty happy with everything I receive each month!

One more great thing is, Ipsy offers discounts on all the products/brands each month so if there is something you really like in your bag, you can buy it at a discounted price!  If you are interested in signing up, sign up here —>  Sign up for Ipsy.

Check out my video! {video will be added once I get it uploaded}

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.  I was not asked to write this post or make this video.  I received everything from my paid subscription paid for by me.

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