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Backyard Sports Sonic Boom Bat & Ball Set Blog Review #spon


A while ago, my family got the opportunity to try out the Backyard Sports Sonic Boom Bat.  I was sent a free product for my family to use/try out and review.  My boys love it!  The bat is a chunky bat made of a plastic material and has an open end.  There is a reason for that which I will get too.  It also comes with a ball.  Since this set is partnered with MLB, the ball has an MLB logo on it.


The reason for the opening on the bat is so that when the ball is hit, it makes a loud boom.  My boys think this is the coolest thing ever.  How loud it can be is dependent on how hard the ball is hit but it makes a pretty good noise even if it’s not hit very hard.  The bat is not heavy at all.  It’s pretty lightweight but not too light.  My 9 and 6 year old doesn’t have any trouble swinging the bat.  Also with it being a chunky bat, it makes it easier for my youngest to actually hit the ball. 


This toy also has a cool feature.  This is like other toys that can unlock digital content in a game app.  The bat has an action tracker.  If you turn this function on before playing, your child’s swings can unlock power ups for players in the Backyard Sports Baseball game.  You can also initially unlock the Sonic Boom bat in the game as well.  On the back of the bat is an area you can scan with your phone using the game app to unlock the codes in the game.


You can find Backyard Sports Baseball in your app store (GooglePlay for us since we have android devices).  The game is pretty fun.  At least my 9 year old thinks so.  My youngest doesn’t really care for it though.  I really like toys like this.  My kids have a few games that they play on our tablets.  Of course we limit time on them but the reason I like games and toys like this is because they can actually go outside and play to unlock content.

Here are a few links you can check out for more information about the game:

Overall my kids really love this bat!  It’s durable, easy to swing, loud, and fun to play with!

Buy It:  You can check it out online HERE or buy at stores like Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Amazon and Toys R Us.  Suggested retail price $26.99.

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.  However, I did receive free product mentioned in this post for my honest blog review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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