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My Dental Experience & Major Dental Surgery (Part 1)


Back in April I started having issues with my teeth again and it was so bad I told my husband it was time to do something about it.  It was the worst I have ever felt and I just couldn’t live with these teeth any longer.   Now, let me give you a little background before I get too far into my post.

First let me tell you that I have a legitimate fear of the dentist.  I will actually cry just making and appointment so my husband usually has to do it for me.  It takes a lot for me to walk into the door of the office without having a panic attack.  I actually did once and the time I did was the last time I was in a dentist office about 10 years ago.  I went because I had a back tooth that was really bothering me.  Turns out the problem was that I had impacted wisdom teeth and one of them was finally trying to erupt.  I was 26 at the time so my wisdom teeth came in (or at least tried to) rather late.  Other than that, I had great teeth other than the fact that I had some crowding of my bottom teeth.  No cavities and no dental work needed other than the recommendation that I get my wisdom teeth extracted because I had absolutely no room in my mouth for them to come through.  I was told they would end up messing up my other teeth.

So my dentist at the time referred me to a surgeon and I did have every intention of going but the surgeon that was supposed to do my surgery had ended up passing away.  Not having another surgeon lined up and because I am me, I put it off.  I always took care of my teeth except for visiting the dentist regularly because of my fear.  You could probably guess I never got those extractions.  I didn’t even have another problem for a couple years so I never really thought about it.  But after those couple years I did start having issues and my husband and I didn’t have insurance or the finances to take care of it when it should have been taken care of.  So fast forward to where we are now 10 years later at only age 36 with a full top row of extractions and an upper denture.  Yep.  Trust me, I have been very emotional the last couple months.  Which is part of the reason why I haven’t been blogging.  That and the fact that I just haven’t felt well at all.

So we had to find an office that would do a payment plan because we had to pay for all this out of pocket.  My husband called Aspen Dental because that was really our only affordable option in our area.  We went in for my initial appointment which is free for new patients.  I met with my dentist – and he’s really amazing by the way, and we discussed what his recommendations were and start a treatment plan.  He could easily see that I was a hot mess and scared out of my mind. He really made me feel comfortable and I could tell he had other patients with fears like my own because of the way he treated me.  I felt at ease for the first time at any dentist office ever even though I was still on the verge of a panic attack.

Long story short, all my bottom teeth were good except for my second molars and wisdom teeth. On the bottom, that’s all that was extracted.  My top row was very bad.  Those wisdom teeth on top wrecked havoc on my top teeth.  Most were broken, dying, decaying and causing infections.  I did have 5 or 6 good ones on top and at first I was told they could be saved and just go with a partial but when my dentist took a closer look, they were already kind of loose and he told me he really didn’t think it would take long for them to cause a problem and have to have them removed anyway and that many extractions might make them become more loose.  He also couldn’t guarantee that those teeth could support a partial because they were a little loose.  After we figured out my treatment plan and what was going to be done, he says, “I probably don’t need to ask you if you want to be put to sleep?”  And of course that was going to be the only way I was going to do it so he set me up with his dental surgeon.

After all that, we went and filled out paperwork and went over the treatment plan with billing and they were very detailed with what we were paying for.  Since I was getting a top denture, I chose which ones I wanted.  I went with their premium ComfiLytes which were the most expensive for the fact that they have a 7 year warranty and the best quality they have to offer.  I wanted the best available since I was going to have to wear a denture for the rest of my life.  Going through the billing was really easy too.  They use a third party to see if you qualify because it’s basically like a loan if you are applying for a payment plan.  Aspen Dental is basically paid in full by the third party and we make our payments to them and not to Aspen Dental.  We found out instantly if we were approved or not, which we were.  The lady that was working with us told us that even though we didn’t have dental insurance and we wanted to look for and got insurance at any time to call them and they will include it and take off what the insurance will cover.

I thought that was pretty cool because we were looking at a particular dental insurance before we even went in there so after hearing that, we went ahead and signed up for it when we got home.  It was some kind of annual insurance that could be used immediately.  So we called Aspen Dental and applied it to my treatment plan and everything was adjusted.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was.  Anyway, while my husband finished paperwork, I went back to get my dental impressions done because I was getting immediate dentures.  That was the worst part of the visit because dental impressions are terrible!  The woman doing them was pretty awesome and if she didn’t talk me through it and kept telling me how to breathe, I probably would have gagged.  I am not looking forward to getting new impressions done for my permanent denture though.  That whole process was terrible.

Moving on to surgery day.  I was sitting in the waiting room and waiting, waiting, waiting.  So far my experience with Aspen Dental was amazing but the wait on my surgery day was excruciating. I seriously about got up and walked out but my husband wouldn’t let me.  He’s such a turd.  I understand it though.  As far as I know, they only have one surgeon who splits his time and with any surgery, you can never be sure just how long it will take so I can understand the wait after the fact.  I later found out my surgery lasted over an hour which he was not expecting.  Apparently I gave him some issues.  I had some complications.  He was only expecting surgery to last about a half hour at most.  But no.  My unlucky poor soul was in surgery for about an hour and twenty minutes…..

 I had my surgery back at the beginning of May and it’s now October.  So it has been just a little over 5 months since then.  I had a lot of issues during this time and some of the issues are still ongoing.  I had a complication during surgery which made recovery longer, plus I have TMJD and ended up having major TMJ issues after surgery.  These reasons are why I haven’t been blogging for such a long time.  I just haven’t felt like myself and things are still a little uncomfortable.  I am planning on getting back to things though and my dental story is not finished just yet.  I am going to write this story in parts because I want to break down my experiences instead of writing a novel of a blog post.  I anticipate a three part series but we will see how that goes.  So in a few days, look for the second part of my story!

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.

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