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Fright Factory Creature Creator Blog Review #spon


Recently I received the opportunity to check out the Fright Factory Creature Creator.  I was sent one for free for our use and review.  With the Fright factory, you can make 3D creepy creations such as bugs, scorpions, and other creepy crawlies. 


Included is the Fright Factory Creator, two different colored “EwwGoo” gel, and 3 stencil molds.  One of the stencils is one big beetle.  The second one has a scorpion and a spider, and the third one has three smaller creepy crawlies which consists of a snake, centipede, and a bat.  The creator does require 3 AA batteries which were not included. 


These are really simple to make.  You use one of the gel pens and squeeze the gel into the stencil molds.  You might need to use a q-tip to remove excess gel that gets on the parts of the stencil where the gel isn’t supposed to be.  The creator has a UV light that cures the gel so that it hardens.  Once you have the stencil filled with gel, you place the stencil on the creator.  The flat surface of the creator is reflective so that the UV light doesn’t just reach the top side of the creepy crawly, but it will also reflect the light to reach the underside of the stencil.  After you place the stencil on the creator, all you have to do is crank the wheel so that the UV light moves back and forth over the stencil curing the gel.


My boys loved it.  They like making things and they thought this was really cool.  They didn’t really have many problems filling their stencils but after about half the gel was used in the pens, they had to squeeze them a little more which kind of made squeezing the gel out evenly a little more difficult.  When the pens were full though, the gel came out evenly and had a nice, easy flow making filling the stencils pretty easy.  I do wish the pen tips were a little thinner though because they did have a slight issue when they were filling thin areas of the stencil.  We cleaned up the excess though with q-tips so it wasn’t a major problem.


Once you start cranking the wheel after to cure the gel, you have to let the light pass over the stencil quite a few times.  As you turn the wheel, the light will automatically move back the opposite direction.  It took about 10 minutes for the gel to cure in the stencils.  I ended up taking over the wheel turning because they wanted to get back to filling another stencil.  Before we started, I was assuming these creations were going to be rubbery.  They are not.  The gel actually hardens.  Once they are cured, they are a little flexible but there isn’t a lot of flexibility to them. 

They are pretty easy to remove from the stencils.  You kind of have to “pop” them out a little.  My best advice is to pop them lose in more then one area so that when you pull and kind of peel them out, they will come out easier.  If you notice that underneath they are still sticky or feels a little slimy, they need to cure some more.  Just push it back into the stencil and run the UV light over it a few more times.

You have to be careful not to overfill the stencils though.  I had to keep telling my boys to take it easy on the gel.  We noticed that if the gel is used too thick, they take longer to cure and they may not turn out as well.  If they are cured correctly, they shouldn’t feel sticky or anything.  My boys loved it.  I just wish it came with a little more gel than it did.  They ended up making 9 creepy crawlies.  They probably could have made a few more if they didn’t use so much gel when they filled their stencils.  They do have refill kits which includes more colors of gel.  The gel that came with the Factory was green and blue but other packs have red, orange and purple. 

Age recommendations are for ages 8 years and older.  I would stick with the age recommendation.  Our oldest is 10 and our youngest is 7 so he was a little below the age recommendation.  He did okay with it though but every once in a while he needed a little help.  I would use your best judgement with this one.  The gel doesn’t appear to stain (my son got some on his shirt).  Overall, I thought it was okay but my boys think it’s awesome!

For more information about Fright Factory Creature Creator, check out the website at

Buy It:  You can buy it online by using the website above.  You can also now buy it at Toys R Us for $29.99.  Keep an eye out for EwwGoo gel refills and other gel and stencil packs!


Stay tuned because in a few days, DustinNikki Mommy of Three will be giving away a Fright Factory Creature Creator and a Theme pack that includes 2 more EwwGoo gel pens and 3 more stencils.  Keep an eye out for our blog giveaway post coming very soon!

Disclaimer:  I received product mentioned in my review free for my use and review.  All opinions expressed in my review are 100% my own.


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