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Meet our elf, Frank! (Elf on the Shelf Ideas) #ElfOnTheShelf


Why did I ever start this whole Elf on the Shelf thing?  That’s what I ask myself each year.  This is the fourth year Frank has been visiting us each night in December.  I’m really not complaining about doing Elf on the Shelf though.  We started it because I thought it would be really cute and at the time, our boys were 3 and 7.  Our daughter was going on 12 and stopped believing in Santa and so she didn’t believe in the elf.  But she pretended for her brothers and she still does.  Our now 7 and 10 year old boys still love it when Frank arrives.

It’s just a fun thing to do that my kids really enjoy.  Frank always arrives in our tree December 1st every year and right after Thanksgiving they were already concerning themselves about making sure our tree was up before December 1st came around!  Oh, I love it when they are still at the age when they believe in the magic of Santa and Elves!

Elf on the Shelf

There’s a lot of people who know the story of Santa’s Scout Elves and the story behind The Elf on The Shelf.  In case you didn’t, here’s the short version.  The Scout Elves are assigned to children’s houses to visit each day.  The story lets your child know that they are to never touch the elf during the day because he/she can lose their magic – or something like that.  I’m too lazy to go double check the book.  At night, he or she returns to the North Pole to report to Santa.  Then they come back and sometimes find themselves in some silly situations by the time your child finds him/her in the morning.  For example (I just got my boys out to the school bus) and this morning before they got ready for school, they found Frank in our kitchen sitting in one of my crockpots taking a bath in cotton balls.  He even had a couple of tiny bottles of shampoo and conditioner and a little towel next to him.  The little guy thought of everything apparently.  My youngest had the craziest, silliest giggle after seeing him so it made my morning. 

Elf Pets

We have an Elf Pet this year.  It’s a new thing we started because I saw the darn thing at the store and for some reason I couldn’t help myself.  There is a reindeer version and a puppy version.  I got the reindeer.  There is also a story about the Elf Pets too.  The short of it goes, Santa needed help with his sleigh.  His own reindeer wasn’t enough to pull his sleigh and they finally figured out that Santa needed more magic and to do that required more children to believe in him.  The Scout Elves had all these tiny reindeer (at around their own size) that wanted to help but they were really small.  Santa gives them all a heart shaped charm and asks them to visit children’s homes with their Scout Elves.  Elf Pets are a little different than the Elves.  Children are not supposed to touch the elves BUT they are supposed to pet, play and cuddle with Elf Pets.  This “fills” the charm with magic so that on Christmas Eve when the elves return to the North Pole until the next year, the reindeer turns into a normal size reindeer from the magic in the charm and flies on with Santa and his reindeer. 

I thought it was cute.  My youngest loves it.  He cuddles with Jimmie all the time.  Yes, my boys named him Jimmie.  We have a Frank and Jimmie.  I guess they like to keep things simple.  But at least they gave Jimmie a last name.  His full name is Jimmie Jingle.  They just call him Jimmie for short.

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

So now we are on to the main reason why I decided to write up this post.  I know I struggle to find something different for Frank to get into now since this is our fourth year.  Some of the things he has done, he has done before in the past.  Sometimes he just finds himself sitting in some random spot in our house doing nothing because I couldn’t think of what to do with him.  Sometimes I just get lazy.  And every once in a while Frank just doesn’t move because there have been times that I settled myself down for a long winter’s nap and thought, “Ugh….I forgot to move the darn elf.”  But then I don’t want to move so he stays put.  The boys will notice and I will tell them that maybe he just wasn’t feeling very well that night.  Anyway, I thought I would write up a post with some ideas just in case you are running out of ideas and need some inspiration.  Some of these you might have seen before and some of them you may not have but they are here if you want to take a look.





















As the month continues on, I will add new ones if Frank ends up doing anything that he hasn’t done before.  Hopefully this has been helpful or at least entertaining.  Thanks for checking out our elf, Frank!  Be sure to share this post if you know anyone who desperately needs some new ideas like me!

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.

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