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Are You a Bzz Agent? Sign up and get chances to try and review products FREE!

Have you heard of Bzz Agent?  I have been a Bzz Agent for probably 7-8 years now.  I like to share my thoughts and opinions about products with people that I know and even try new products I have never tried before.  Bzz Agent gives me those opportunities.  I have to give a big thanks to Bzz Agent for this awesome program.  If you are not signed up, you can sign up here —>  Bzz Agent.  But before you do, check out the information about it below.

How does Bzz Agent work?

Bzz Agent has come along way in the way they do things.  The way it worked many years ago is a little different than it is now.  It’s still all the basic stuff and pretty much works the same way.  Just slightly different.  I only mention it just in case anyone happens upon a really old Bzz Agent post.

So, the point of Bzz Agent is to get people using products (and yes, you receive the products for free – no shipping, no hidden costs) and in return, you spread the word about the products.  Tell others what you thought, share via social media, write reviews, etc.  If anyone is wondering, no you do not need to have a blog.  A blog is not a requirement. 

Before I get too far ahead of myself, let me rewind a bit.  After you sign up, make sure your profile is complete.  It is also recommended that you have a My Points account.  This is also not a requirement but you can earn My Points through Bzz Agent when completing surveys and Bzz activities during any campaign you are invited to.  My Points is another site where you can earn points for taking surveys, reading emails, and more.  I don’t really do much with my account anymore but the points I get from Bzz Agent can eventually add up and I can log into my My Points and exchange my points for rewards like gift cards and things.  It’s just something extra if you choose to do that and whether you sign up or not, it doesn’t have an impact on your Bzz Agent account.

Once you are signed up and ready to go, you will see that you have a Bzz Score.  The higher the score, the better chances to have to be invited to join a campaign.  You can raise your score by completing any surveys available on your Bzz Agent dashboard.  These are simple surveys that don’t take much time at all they also impact the kind of campaigns that are offered to you as well because they use those surveys as a demographic when selecting agents for campaigns.

There are other simple sharing things you can do to also improve your score while waiting for a campaign.  While you are waiting on a campaign, make sure you login every couple days to see if you have any surveys and to work on that score.  It’s all simple stuff.  It may take a while to get your first campaign but at the same time, it may not even if your score is still really low.  I remember at one time I went from a score of 8 down to a 3 or 4 and still ended up getting one.

The best way to increase your score is through a Bzz Campaign.  You will get an email if you are selected.  Make sure you join as soon as you see that email because sometimes if you don’t join fast enough, they can fill and you will miss out.  There’s normally 12-24 hour window to join.  At least in my experience.  You will see your campaign on your profile once you accept it and you will see what you will get in your Bzz Kit.  They have always been full size products.  Once you receive your kit, you will be able to use the sharing tools.  Sharing your thoughts on twitter, facebook, instragram, blog, or reviews on product website, that kind of thing.  You don’t have to do every single activity.  You are only required to do a certain amount.  You will see a Smiley Face on your Bzz Activities and it will have a big smile once you complete your requirements.  

Each activity you do is looked over and rated.  The more content and the more details/opinion you put in it, the better rating you get.  You earn My Points for each activity too.  Also, the more you do, the better impact it has on your Bzz Score.  The frequency of the Bzz Campaigns I get go up and down.  I’ll go through a period where I will keep getting them.  At one time I had 4 or 5 going at the same time and I was still getting them regularly.  Then there are times they slow down and then I stop getting them for a while.  Then they will pick up again.  So it goes up and down.

Here are two of the campaigns that I was recently offered.  One of them I get a Children’s Claritin product, and another I will get 2 Febreeze products!  Of course, all for free for my honest reviews/opinions.

It’s really easy and a lot of fun.  Free to sign up and you can possibly receive free products – just share your opinions about them.  Follow this link HERE and you can see my posts of some of the other products I have received in the past.  Products range from cold medicine, beauty products, skin care, hair care, food, household items, even children’s toys!

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post.  However, I am a Bzz Agent and from time to time I may receive a free product for my use for and honest review and opinions.

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