FREE Tasty Bite Lettuce Seeds for Your Garden & Crop Donation #free

FREE Tasty Bite Lettuce Seeds for Your Garden


“We’ve all been a bad seed at least once in our lives. Maybe it was when you parked in the bus lane “just for a minute?” Or that time you gave someone “decaf” when you knew it wasn’t? Well, Tasty Bite® and are making it easier than ever to make amends with our Good Seed initative. We’ve already given away our original 30,000 FREE organic lettuce seed packets, so we’ve decided to give away an additional 20,000 (while supplies last). Order yours now so you can plant, grow and share your harvest with a local food pantry!”

To get your free seeds, follow the link above.

Click on “order your free seeds”.

Then follow the instructions on how to find a local pantry.

Then fill in your mailing address so they can send you your free seeds.

Disclaimer: This is not a paid or sponsored post. I like to share offers/samples that I sign up for myself. I always check them out first and only post offers/samples that are legit or appear to be legit to the best of my ability. I cannot guarantee them as they do not come from me. Sign up at your own responsibility.

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