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Daily Goodie Box April 2017 Review & Unboxing #free #freesampleboxes #spon

This is the second Daily Goodie Box that I have received.  I got one back in January and I just got another for April!  If you want to check out my January box, you can follow the link HERE.  Daily Goodie Box is for anyone who wants to join.  It’s free and if you receive a box, the shipping is also free.  When you sign up, you will have a dashboard.  Make sure your profile is complete and if you are selected to receive a box, it will show up in your account with a list of all the products that will be in your box.  You will not always get a box though.  They make their selections based on your profile, demographics, and if you received a previous box.  If you receive a box, you have to make sure you log in and review all the products you received to stay eligible to continue to receive them.  If you are interested you can sign up for Daily Goodie Box yourself!

I was really excited to get another one.  When I received my box, it actually had a little weight to it.  There were quite a few full size products in it!  They always send some really awesome goodies.  Some of the products are samples, most of which being pretty good size and some of the products are full size.

So, what was in my box?

Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion (Full Size) – This lotion contains macadamia oil and Promega-7.  The natural macadamia oil closely mimics skins own oils which makes it easy to absorb and hydrate.  It’s clinically proven to relieve and improve distressed skin and is allergy free, fragrance free, and dermatologist tested.  I have dry hands and sometimes they can hurt.  My elbows also get that way.  I love this lotion because it truly is a relief when I use it.  Stops the itching from dry skin and stop my skin from hurting.  I was very pleased by how well it hydrates my skin even after only a few uses.  I have only been using it for a few days but so far I like the results.  It does absorb really easy and it’s not greasy or sticky.  It’s fragrance free too.  I did notice that it has a smell to it but it’s pleasant and not that noticeable.  Very happy with this product!

7 Eleven Slurpee Cotton Candy Cherry (Full Size) – This cotton candy comes in a tub with lid.  I don’t think I have ever had a cherry flavored cotton candy before.  It definitely tastes like cherry without being too tart.  It’s still sweet.  The texture is how it should be in all it’s cotton candy cotton-like glory!  My kids really liked it.

Bakery on Main Bunches of Crunches Superfood GRAINola (Full Size, I think) – I got a snack pack of Dark Chocolate Sea Salt with Chia.  The reason I said I think it’s full size is because one pouch is one serving size and I’m not sure if they sell them in single serve pouches or not.  It’s doesn’t say anything on the package about being a sample or saying not for resale like sample size products normally do.  Anyway, this yummy snack is a good source of fiber and contains 10g of whole grains.  I really like these, the only problem I have is that they are a bit too crunchy for my preference.  My husband on the other hand says they are perfect.  I love the flavor.  I don’t normally like dark chocolate but the sea salt counters it really well.  I really like the flavor!

Goddess Garden Organics Natural Sunscreen (sample packet) – I haven’t tried this product just yet because so far because I haven’t yet had the need to use sunscreen just yet but I will update once I do try it.  It’s a natural sunscreen that contains organic ingredients.

EBOOST Energy Powder (Sample Packet, one serving) – The flavor I received was Strawberry Kiwi.  It contains natural caffeine, gluten free, non GMO, soy free, no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners and is meant for energy and focus.  I don’t know about it boosting my energy or anything like that but it has a lot of vitamins in it.  The taste wasn’t too bad.  You just mix it with water so it was like drinking a flavored water.  I didn’t think it had any weird aftertaste or anything. It wasn’t bad.

Peanut Butter & Co. Powdered Peanut Butter (2 Serving Pouch) – I was really interesting in this product.  I had never heard of powdered peanut butter before.  It has 90% less fat than traditional peanut butter and 5g of protein.  You mix water with it until it’s smooth.  I made some and used it to dip my celery sticks in.  The flavor was pretty good.  It is some pretty good peanut butter.  I did think the texture was a little interesting though.  But overall, I kind of liked it!

16oz Bottle of Healing Hydration Detox Water (Single Bottle) – The original (the bottle I received) is Lychee & White Grape.  It contains aloe, electrolytes, a lot of vitamins.  The aloe supports digestive health, nutrient absorption, skin health, and promotes immune & antioxidant defense.  I had never drank anything with aloe in it before.  The water feels smooth while drinking it.  The flavor is a little interesting.  I can’t definitely taste the white grape but there is something about it that’s a little odd for me.  It doesn’t really have much of an aftertaste though.  I’m not sure what I think about the flavor but I would definitely be open to trying another flavor.  However, my husband likes this flavor!

Quick Dude Shower Wipes (Full Size) – This is another product I have never heard of.  When I first saw them, I thought it was kind of weird but I’m not a dude.  My husband was very happy to try them out.  There are times when he is working outdoors and the sweat annoys him.  Then comes the dirt after being all sweaty.  That’s what this product is for.  They are designed to be used all over body and they remove sweat, dirt, and grime on the go.  So he put them in the car because he’s got some outdoor stuff going on at work so he uses them to wipe off the sweat and dirt so he doesn’t stink the rest of the day while at work.  He says he likes them.  They don’t have a scent but they work great of removing the ickiness and odor from sweat.  So this one was a big hit with the hubs!

MPWR Totally Organic Skincare Zip Zap Gone Spot Treatment (Full Size) – My daughter really appreciates this one!  She has actually been wanting to try it out.  It’s USDA organic made with organic ingredients.  It’s concentrated to treat and help clear skin and soothes and calms too.  It’s designed for all skin types.  It comes in a glass tube container with a roll on ball for easy application.  You apply it on trouble spots after washing your face.  Then you just roll it over the trouble spot.  She has only been using it a few days but has already noticed a difference.  Her trouble areas have cleared up a little after using it when her face cleaner was only helping a little for those spots.  She’s a very pleased teen!

That is my April Daily Goodie Box!  Now I get to go leave my feedback on all the products in my account so I can stay eligible for more.  Make sure to sign up yourself if this is something you are interested in!  You can get a free box shipped just for sharing your thoughts on products you receive!

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.  I received a free sample box from Daily Goodie Box.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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