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Mystery Flavored Peeps Review (Available at Walmart) #review #mysterypeeps #spon

Did you know that for the third year Walmart is the only retailer to sell Mystery Peeps?  Past flavors have included Buttered Popcorn, Sour Green Apple, Chocolate Milk, and Fruit Punch.  Recently my family got the chance to try some.  We were sent a package of each Mystery flavor along with a couple other Easter candies that Walmart carries for free for us to try and review.  My kids were really excited to try them out this year and see if they could figure out what the flavors are this time around.  The Mystery flavors are different each year.

There are three different packages of Mystery Peeps.  Mystery Flavor 1 of 3 comes in a purple/blue package and the white Peeps have purple and blue sprinkles on them.  Mystery Flavor 2 of 3 comes in a pink/orange package and the white Peeps have red and orange sprinkles on them.  The 3 of 3 Mystery package is yellow and green and they are also white Peeps but they have green and yellow sprinkles on them.

I had my boys try them one at a time and tell me what they thought each one tasted like.  After I wrote down their responses, I tried them myself to see if I thought the same as they thought.  The purple/blue 1 of 3 package was what we tried first.  They both said they tasted like Birthday Cake.  I tried one and I can see why they would say that but to me, it was a little off for Birthday Cake.  I can’t decide if they were really birthday cake or if they were toasted marshmallow or (of all things) pancakes with syrup.  I do know for sure that these ones are really, really sweet.

The orange/red Peeps were next.  These are the 2 of 3 package.  Both my boys thought they tasted like orange.  One of them said they were like those orange ice cream pops but my other son said they were just orange.  I noticed a little tang to them (not completely sour or anything) but I definitely think they are orange as well.  With maybe something else – like mango maybe.  Definitely orange and fruity.  These ones were pretty good and were my favorite of the three.

Last but not least is the 3 of 3 package.  These are the yellow and green ones.  One of them said lemon and lime, the other just lemon but I personally thought they tasted more like green apple.  And they were a little sour too.  

This was so much fun to do!  Have any of you tried them?  What do you think the Mystery Flavors are?

Also, if you haven’t tried the Oreo Eggs, I have to tell you – they are amazing!  The cream is really good.  I think the cream is a little too sweet but the cookies and cream filling is good regardless.  The Reese’s Cream Eggs are amazing too.  I love the peanut butter.  Very creamy as well and of course the chocolate is also awesome.  You can buy both of these at Walmart as well.  

So who isn’t done buying Easter candy just yet?  We actually just got ours done today.  Don’t forget, if you want to get some Mystery Peeps for those baskets, you can only get them at Walmart!

Buy It:  Mystery Flavored Peeps can be found at Walmart for $1.12 per package (10 ct).

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.  However, I received products mentioned in this post for free in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own.  

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