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Spring Family Crafting Project with Recycled Items #kids #crafting

Our youngest brought home a family project to do in April from his first grade Teacher.  Since it’s April, it had to be a Spring scene and they couldn’t draw or color anything.  The whole scene had to be made from recycled items.  So I gathered up some old magazines, straws, bottle caps, and I also had some of those small single serving cereal boxes so I grabbed those too.

He had a couple weeks before he had to turn his project in but he wanted to do it over this past weekend.  So I said sure because I love crafting with the kiddos. So I asked him what he wanted to do for his scene before we started so I had some idea of what he would need.  He decided on flowers, a few bugs, and some butterflies.  I am glad I had a glue gun because he wanted to use the straws for the flower stems.  Regular glue wouldn’t have worked with them because they would just come off after the glue dried.  So, he handled everything else, I just glued what needed to be glued with the glue gun.  The other stuff worked just fine with the regular glue.

We started by flipping through the magazines to see if we could find a green page to cut a strip to use at the bottom of his construction paper that came home with his project instructions.  He was happy we found a page that had leaves all over it.  So he cut his grass out and glued it on.  Then he cut the straws to different lengths so the flowers weren’t all the same size.  After he had circles cut out of the cereal boxes for the flowers, we put it altogether before we started gluing. 

I glued on the straws with my hot glue gun then he added the flower tops with regular glue.  When he was done with that, then I also glued on the bottle caps for the centers of the flowers since I used the glue gun for that too.

Everything else was all him.  I helped him find some colored pages that he could cut bug and butterfly shaped out of.  He ended up cutting out 3 butterflies and a caterpillar.  I love projects like these because they tend to take a little more time than some quick projects that he has brought home.  Gives us more time to talk and hang out while doing something together.

Doing art scenes like these are fun.  You can do something with items you were just going to throw out or recycle anyway and of course your child’s artwork is always the best art.  At least to me it is.  It’s a lot of fun and this kind of project gets you working together with your kids.  Great for any time especially on rainy days! It doesn’t have to be a Spring scene either. Try challenging your child and yourself to creating all kinds of scenes only using items! No drawing allowed!

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