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My Washing Machine is Broken! (at least until I so-called “fixed” it)

There is always laundry to do in our house. We are a family of 5 and I could have all the laundry done and the very next day have a couple more loads. I don’t even know why. It’s like we have more people living in this house that I don’t even know exist. Why my family has to wear so many clothes in one day is a mystery I don’t even know if I want to solve.

So today of course has been just like any other. Write a blog post here and there, edited some images or videos for later that is blog related, and take a break every now and then to clean up some stuff these people I live with leave laying around for all eternity (because they aren’t going to pick it up). I thought about loading the dishwasher but decided to have my daughter do it when she gets off the bus.

4 loads of laundry was done yesterday and so I decided to wash the other few loads I had left. So I empty the dryer (I forgot to do it last night) and because my clothes don’t magically don’t take themselves out of the dryer, fold themselves and put themselves away no matter how much I wish they did.

So I put in my laundry detergent. Then start adding my load of clothes into the washer.

I stop when it’s full and just stare at my washer.

It’s quiet.

Oh no. Seriously?!

I even kicked the darn thing. We have had both the dryer and washer for over 10 years and we couldn’t have this thing break down right now. Just, not now. So I text my husband and tell him the washer isn’t working. So then we have a whining back and forth conversation because neither one of us are going to be happy about trying to get it fixed or figuring out how to fit a new washer into the budget.

I go back in the laundry room and just hope opening and closing the lid would just magically make it work again.

After the third or forth time I left the lid down and stared once again at my washer. In disbelief.

I immediately texted my husband back and told him I “fixed it!”

He asked me what I did and well…..

It’s really been a day….

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