The New Caramel M&Ms (I think my life is complete!) #review #caramelmms

I have always said they should make Caramel M&Ms for years. When I first heard they were finally coming out with them I was ecstatic. Keep in mind, I am not a huge candy eater. I have to have chocolate every once in a while and there are only a few different kinds of candy I really like and I still don’t even eat much of what I do like. So when my husband told me the other day he got them in at his store, I told him he needed to buy some before he came home.

And he did.

And I was happy.

He told me he already tried them and even though he liked them, he was hoping the caramel was going to be a creamier texture. I on the other hand love the texture. I told him he was so wrong. I’m just kidding. I suppose my husband is allowed to have a different opinion than my own.

He brought home a share pack which is 2 servings (one serving is half a pack) and each serving has 190 calories. Not surprising, it is candy after all. I will still happily eat them – in moderation of course.

The M&Ms are all colored in the original colors (I wasn’t expecting them not to). Obviously they have the candy shell over chocolate and in the middle of the chocolate is the caramel center. The caramel is chewy. It’s kind of like the texture of those individual wrapped caramel cubes. They don’t stick to my teeth or anything. If they did, I wouldn’t eat them.

The caramel has a really good flavor. My favorite M&Ms have always been the peanut butter. Actually those are the only M&Ms I will eat. Until now. Move over Peanut Butter M&Ms, I got a new favorite!

Has anyone else tried them? What did you think?

Disclaimer: This is not a paid or sponsored post. I purchased product mentioned in this post myself. All opinions are 100% my own.

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