biPro Protein Water Review – No Carbs, No Sugar, No Fat! Tastes Great Too!

Recently I had the opportunity to try biPro Protein Water free from Daily Goodie Box. You can check out my box opening post HERE and if you are interested in signing up at Daily Goodie Box the details are in that post. I was sent a free sample box to try these products to share my thoughts about them. All opinions in this post are 100% my own.

What I love about this water is that it has 20g of protein. But that’s not all. Every time I look for protein products they are chalk full of carbohydrates and sugar. I want the protein products I buy to have very little or no carbs and sugar. biPro Protein Water has 0 carbs, 0 sugar, and 0 fat! It is also lactose and gluten free. It doesn’t contain caffeine either. It’s not carbonated which is good for me because when I drink water, I want to drink water without it. It doesn’t taste the greatest if it’s warm. But it is really good when it’s cold. It’s great if you just grab a bottle from the refrigerator but I think it tastes even better after pouring it into a glass of ice.

The flavor that I received is Berry Burst. It’s a mix of strawberry, blueberry and raspberry. The fruity flavor is pretty light. Which is good for me when it comes to flavored water. I don’t like strong flavors in my water. Just enough that I can tell it’s there is enough to suffice. The water itself is crisp and refreshing. I was worried about it leaving a strange aftertaste but for the most part, it does not. If you take a long time to drink it, it does have a little of an aftertaste when you get to the bottom of the glass. Of course this could also be because I drink mine with ice.

I have been trying to find something with extra protein while cutting out my carbs and sugar intake. It’s helpful when managing weight and of course protein give you energy. This water is pretty thirst quenching as well. It is recommended to drink a bottle a half hour before or after a workout, right before bed, or right after you wake up. The amino acids help muscle recovery and growth.

I think I might have found what I was looking for!

Buy It: You can find more information about this water by visting biPro Water website. This water retails for about $4.00.

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post.  I received a free sample box from Daily Goodie Box.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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