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imPRESS Nails Press-On Manicure Review

I hardly ever go to a salon to get my nails done. Actually I think I have only gone once or twice in my whole life. I always do my own nails at home. My natural nails grow out really weird and so any time I do my nails, I usually use fake nails. I have never had much luck with press on nails. Usually I use acrylic nails which require nail glue. I don’t like to do that very often though because if I do, it ends up causing some trauma for my poor natural nails. So I don’t wear fake nails that often.

I recently received my newest Walmart Beauty Box and saw that I got imPRESS Nails in my box. They were super cute so I decided to open them up and try them out. I wasn’t expecting them to last as long as glued on nails but I was definitely hoping I would have better luck with these press on nails since I have never had much luck with these kinds of nails before.

My package of nails included a total of 30 nails. There were 18 pink/red nails, 6 white ones with gold/silver anchors, and 6 white and navy striped nails. The striped ones had gold dots along both side of them and the pink/red also had a couple gold dots on them as well. So I got all the nails out and picked out the ones that had the best fit for each of my nails.

If you are using these nails, make sure you wash your hands and make sure your nails are clean before applying them. I would even go as far as buffing your natural nails and then use rubbing alcohol on each of your natural nails and then let them dry before applying these nails. By doing these things you have the best chance of them adhering well to your natural nails.

After I was ready, I pulled the plastic backing of the nails that is protecting the adhesive on the nails. One by one I applied them. I saved the thumbs for last. I always do because it’s easier for me to apply nails if I save them for last. The backing was easy to pull off because they have a tab at the top of the nail. All I had to do was center the nail and make sure they were straight and then pressed them on. I found I needed to make sure I was giving them some decent pressure and hold that pressure for at least 10-15 seconds.

They were very easy to apply. I mean, really easy. I probably had them done within 10 minutes which was no time at all considering the time it takes me when I am using glue. A lot less messier too. Well, no mess at all except for picking up the backings and throwing them away. They felt really comfortable on my natural nails too. A lot more comfortable than the nails you have to use glue with. These are thinner and a little flexible. It makes for a comfortable wear and they are designed to hold up well with the use of the adhesive that is on them.

If you have one that comes up or starts to fall off, I would not recommend using glue to hold them on. They aren’t designed for glue and I could see them getting ruined if they are held on with something as strong as nail glue. Now the claim is that these nails last for up to a week. I never expected them to last that long so I wasn’t disappointed when they didn’t.

I was however surprised that they lasted for as long as they did though. I put them on in the morning and they lasted until late that evening. Well, half of them was still adhered fairly well while the other half of them were lifting. If I pressed them back down, they seemed to re-stick a little. Even though they were losing their stickiness, they still didn’t just fall completely off either. I ended up taking them off before I went to bed though because I figured I would wake up with a few nails stuck in the blankets somewhere.

The whole day that I was wearing them, I cleaned up the living room (I have three kids so it’s a constant thing), did some laundry, loaded the dishwasher, getting some work done on the computer including a bunch of typing – you know, the normal every day kind of stuff. They held up pretty well through all that all day long. So even though they claim they last up to a week, I was still impressed they lasted a whole day. They probably would have lasted another if I didn’t do as much around the house that day.

Overall I really liked them. I don’t mind that I only get a day or two of wear out of them. Even if I use nails that require glue, I am ready to take them off 3 or 4 days later anyway. I wouldn’t recommend wearing these nails if you are going to be doing something really active – at least more active than simple every day tasks. I would recommend bringing extra nails with you in case one falls off so you can easily replace it.

The designs of these nails are super cute and there are so many different designs out there. They look like they are painted with gel polish and they are glossy and pretty. They look pretty natural too which is a good thing for me. I like shorter nails. Active length nails are perfect for me because with everything I do, they last longer because they don’t get in the way.

And just because they may not last more than a day or two for me doesn’t mean they won’t last longer for someone else. Another factor of wearing fake nails are a person’s natural nails. The way they grow, oils, etc. I would recommend imPRESS Nails. Decent wear length, easy to put on, easy to remove without tearing your natural nails up, no mess, comfortable to wear, pretty and very cute!

Buy It: You can buy these nails just about anywhere. Since I received these in my Walmart Beauty Box, I figured I would at least mention that you can buy imPRESS Nails at Walmart for around $5-$6. 

Disclaimer: This is not a paid or sponsored post. I received product mentioned in this review in my Walmart Beauty Box paid for by me. All opinions expressed in my review are 100% my own.

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