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Walmart Beauty Box Review – Summer 2017 #WalmartBeautyBox

I have been getting the Walmart Beauty Box for a long time now. It’s a subscription but it’s not every month. It’s only every three months or once per season. There’s a box filled with samples and sometime full size products that kind of go along with the season. It’s only $5 per box. So basically $5 once every three months. You can read more about how it works HERE. You can also check out my previous posts about this box HERE as well. If you would like a direct link to sign up, sign up at Walmart Beauty Box by using that link.

What was in this box?

  • Simple Skin Care Facial Cleansing wipes (travel size, 7ct wipes)
  • Real Techniques by Sam & Nic Brush Cleansing Gel (sample packet)
  • Pantene Dream Care Shampoo (travel size)
  • Pantene Dream Care Conditioner (travel size)
  • Schwarzkopf Got2B Utra Glued Invincible Styling Gel (travel size)
  • EcoTools Mask Remover Sponges (full size, 2ct)
  • ImPRESS Nails Press on Nails (full size)
  • Smile Direct Club Discount (free scan or $55 off impression kit and $100 off aligners)

So what did I think?

The Simple Cleansing Wipes are awesome. I have actually been using these for a long while now. The wipes are strong and they stay moisturized fairly evenly all the way through as long as you alternate which side you put the package down on. They are really soft on my skin too which is amazing and they do a really great job removing makeup and grime/oils that might be on my face. I use one of these mainly if I am wearing makeup so that way the makeup is removed easily before washing my face.

The EcoTools Mask Remover Sponges is a product I have never tried before. I do use facial masks but when I do it’s normally one of those peel off masks. Gentle peel off masks by the way. I don’t believe I want to try some of those out there that tried to peel away your skin too. So since I don’t normally use a mask that rinses off, I haven’t really used these sponges for that. However, I did use them with facial cleansers when washing my face. They gently exfoliate and are made from wood pulp and with natural cellulose. They are designed for removing clay masks. They can be used again as long as you rinse thoroughly and let them air dry. They are still sponges though so I am leery of them personally. But they do feel great and cleans my skin really well when I wash my face.

The Im PRESS Nails I received in my box are absolutely adorable. They come with 30 nails plus 6 accent nails. Most of the nails are like a red/pink color with a couple gold dots on them. There are also white ones with gold/silver anchors and the others are white and navy blue striped with gold dots along both sides. I absolutely love them. I’m not a huge fan of press on nails because they never seem to last long for me but so far I am impressed with these ones (no pun intended). I have been wearing them today so far for about 3 hours and I have even been writing up this blog post and so far so good, none of them are falling off yet. I am planning on writing a full blog post on these nails in the next day or two.

Pantene DreamCare Shampoo and Conditioner – I have always been a fan of Pantene. DreamCare is supposed to support daily moisture renewal and hydration for your hair. I don’t know if it really does anything different than my other bottle of Pantene because I still have pretty moisturized hair that stays hydrated most days all day long no matter which bottle I use. Regardless, it still works really well for my hair and of course it smells amazing!

The got2b Styling Gel is pretty cool too. I would rather use that over hairspray. It smells goo for starters and I don’t need to use much. It has a great hold for styling and it’s also flexible. My hair doesn’t feel sticky or feel heavy either which is a good thing. My daughter uses it more than I do though. The travel size I received is pretty generous too. So far we have gotten quite a few uses out of it. Glad we tried it though because my daughter really likes it. Better than buying a full size product first just to find out you don’t like it.

I am going to have to get a full size bottle of the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel. The trial size sample packet I received has enough in it for me to make a pretty strong opinion about it. All it takes is a couple drops of the gel in warm water. Then you take your brush and swirl it around in the gel and water and then rinse until water runs dry. It does a great job at removing makeup and oils from the brushes so they last longer. It works better than just rinsing them in warm water. Warm water doesn’t always work very well alone with the oils from makeup still trapped in the brushes. I love the way the bristles on my brushes feel after they are dried too. I’ll definitely need to buy some of this.

And that is my newest Walmart Beauty Box! In my opinion it was worth my $5. They usually are. I had fun with this box and really like the nails! If this is something you are interested in, check it out and sign up!

Disclaimer:  This is not a paid or sponsored post. I received everything mentioned in this post from my paid subscription paid for by me. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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