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Yousuf’s Everyday Adventures: Beautifully Different by Dana Salim Children’s Book Review #spon

Recently I received the opportunity to review a new children’s book. Yousuf’s Everyday Adventures: Beautifully Different by Dana Salim. I received a free copy of the book in exchange for my honest review. 

Salim did an amazing job with this book. I love the way she wrote this book about diversity in a very age appropriate way for the younger readers. In my opinion I think this book is wonderful for ages 10 and below. Pavel Goldaev did a marvelous job with the illustrations. The illustrations are very colorful and beautifully done and makes it so easy for the younger kids to really get a visual of the story.

Beautifully Different is the second book of Yousuf’s Everyday Adventures. The first book in the series, Dreamland with Mommy, is the perfect book to read before bedtime. An exciting adventure filled with colorful illustrations and an amusing rhyming riddle, the story takes readers on a magical journey to dreamland. Synopsis: “Bedtime is here, it’s time for a game, Yousuf and his mom decide. Adventures are waiting to be explored, as reality and Dreamland collide. Come join them on this journey, to a land where dreams come true. From musical birds to a wacky pirate, take our hand and join the crew!”

Beautifully Different, the second book in the Yousuf’s Everyday Adventures series, teaches children that every person is different but that’s what makes us beautiful.


“Yousuf wonders if being different is a good or a bad thing. Kids who are different get teased, bullied and picked on. It would be a lot simpler if everyone were the same. Yousuf’s dad suggests that he play the Time Travel game to see if he can find some answers. Yousuf loves that game. He settles back in a comfortable position, closes his eyes, clears his mind of distracting thoughts, and before he knows it, he is on a boat heading towards a far-away island.


“Why are people different? Why can’t we be the same? Find out with Yousuf, in the Imagination Game. Get yourself ready to sing, swing and shout! The Weeds are coming, and there’s only one way out.” 

When the book first starts, Yousuf asks his dad why we are all different. He tells his dad that there are kids at school that sometimes make fun of others because of the way they look or because of other things like “they read too much”. He wonders if everyone looked the same and all liked the same things, everyone would be nicer to each other.  So his dad asks him if he want to play his favorite imagination game and see if he can come up with the answers himself.

So Yousuf goes on his adventure sailing with Captain Baboon and when they run into trouble on the sea, big colorful birds help them out and take them to the island that is near. He explores a beautiful island with birds and lots of different colored flowers. He enjoys being around all these many different things. But then something happens. The warm weather starts to turn cold and weeds start to grow. The weeds don’t like the flowers and Yousuf discovers it’s because they don’t like anything that is different.

He wants to stop it but he needs help. He needs all the flowers to help and then he finds his answers to his questions. It’s okay to be different. It’s beautiful to be different and if everyone comes together no matter what their differences are, that’s even more beautiful. And when everyone comes together, we can make beautiful things happen.

We love this book. Again, I think the way the story was written is a great way to teach younger children about diversity and that it’s okay to be different. That being different is a good thing. It opens up dialog to talk to your kids about being different and about bullying. Why bullying is wrong. Even if they are not being bullied, maybe they see someone else being bullied and how they can come together with others to stand up for that person and get help to stop the bullying. 

I love the message of this book. Being different is beautiful.


“Beautifully Different offers children a fun-filled and enlightening fable wherein Yousuf learns why being yourself is special and perfect, even if you’re not like everyone else in school. I loved following Yousuf as he travels over the waves and learns for himself the importance of celebrating diversity. He sees how if different people join together, they become strong enough to stand up to the bullies, and, in their unity, become even more special. The illustrations in this book are marvelous! Each panel is bright and cheerful with bold colors that pop off the page as Yousuf plays his Time Travel game and discovers that being different is beautiful, and that appreciating everyone’s differences is best of all. Beautifully is most highly recommended.” –Readers’ Favorite

About the author

Dana Salim loves singing silly songs, standing in the breeze and eating chocolate cake. But most of all she loves spending time with her son, Yousuf, and her husband. From row-boating, walking on frozen lakes, hiking to caves and waterfalls, to reading new books and learning new things; everyday holds an exciting adventure for the family!

Her first children’s book “Dreamland with Mommy” is the first book in the series “Yousuf’s Everyday Adventures”. The second book “Beautifully Different” will be coming out April 2017. (So stay tuned!)

Dana’s childhood adventures were split between Amman, Jordan and Vancouver, Canada. She finished Industrial Engineering at the University of Jordan before moving to Ohio, which was home for four awesome years. And now she resides in McAllen, Texas where she is always on the lookout for new adventures with her family.

Dana founded DS Publishing, LLC with her husband in August, 2016. Their mission is to provide products that instill and encourage diversity, acceptance and confidence in one’s self and dreams.

And if there’s one thing she would want to tell you right now it would be “Believe in yourself and go after your dreams, it’s never too early or too late. Right now is the best time to do it!”

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Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post. However, DustinNikki Mommy of Three received a free copy of the book for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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