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Summer Adventures: (Mini Vacation 2017) Exploring Put In Bay, Ohio

This is the next post in our Mini Vacation blog series. In the last post, I wrote about our experience with Miller Boatline or Miller Ferry when we took a ride over to Put In Bay. Oh, it was so much fun. This post is about after we got to Put In Bay and what we did while we were there. We didn’t get to do or see everything though since we were on limited time. 

When we got off the ferry and first got there, we were greeted by a woman near the ferry dock. She told us a bit about Put In Bay Island since we had never been there before. She told us that the whole island was about 4 1/2 miles and most people get around by bike or golf carts. She gave us a map of the island of places to see and things to do. She was very helpful with giving us some recommendations on where to go since we had the kids. She gave us lot of details about all the places there and even gave us some coupons for a golf cart rental and for a couple of the restaurants on the island. She pointed us to the golf cart rentals and we were on our way.

We could have brought our car over on the ferry but we didn’t think it would be as fun as driving a golf cart around. Rental prices wasn’t too bad. There are 5 of us so we got a 6 passenger (they have up to 8 I believe) golf cart for like $12 an hour. Or you could just pay one amount for the whole day but since we were only going to be there for only about 4 hours before we would have had to head back, we went for the hourly. The all day rental was $80 some odd dollars.

I’m telling you what, the whole golf cart thing was pretty darn cool. There were very, very few cars on the roads and streets. About 90% of people were driving golf carts and it was the coolest thing ever. I told my husband we should move there and work at the Marina and drive golf carts everywhere. That would be amazing but I don’t think I want to imagine the cost of living there. The first place we went to was Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center.

For Perry’s Cave, I am going to do a couple separate blog posts for those. But they have a Butterfly House which was really neat. They have a butterfly garden that you can enter and see all the butterflies. There were so many and it was really beautiful. But I will get more to that in another post because I have tons of photos. There’s also War of 18-Holes Miniature Golf which two of my kids played while the other wanted to check out something else. All three of the kids went through the Fort aMAZE’n Giant Maze. There’s also gemstone mining, gift shops, picnic areas with gas grills if you brought food. But more will come soon about Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center.

As we were driving along, we took in the sites. Put In bay even has an airport.

I loved driving around just to see what we could see. It’s a small town setting with beautiful houses, shops, restaurants, and pubs. From what I could see, it looks like a really great community. All the houses, buildings and shops remind me of a Victorian-like era. Really beautiful. You can obviously tell that this is a Marina town too. Downtown was pretty cool to see. All those shops and pubs. So neat. There was a Boardwalk too with a restaurant right there on the water. We thought about stopping but thought better of it because the lady that greeted us told us most of their menu and the majority of it was seafood and since our middle son has a seafood allergy, we decided not to eat there.


In that same area, we drove passed the marina. And close by was also Perry’s Monument. We would have went to see it instead of just driving by but they had it closed down for renovations. 

Another place we stopped by really quick was the Heineman’s Winery. It’s in it’s 5th generation and happens to be the oldest family-owned and operated winery in Ohio. They have a tasting room which is beautiful by the way. They also have a wine garden. While you are there, you can also tour Crystal Cave which is the world’s largest Celestine geode. I really wanted to see it because caves and geodes have always fascinated me. But the hours vary and at the time we were there, they weren’t running tours. So we thought we would stop back before we left but we didn’t have the time after the kids had some fun at the fun center and after all the exploring we did.

Put In Bay also has an Aquatic Visitor’s Center. There you can enjoy a guided tour of the historic fish hatchery and learn about Lake Erie ecology. You can view the live fish and any kids under the age of 16 can fish from the dock. They provide fishing poles and everything. It’s pretty cool and a great learning experience.

Another thing we didn’t get to do (we will the next time we go because then everything will actually be planned) was the Bay Paddleboarding. That looked like so much fun. They also have Put In Bay Boat Tours which we would have really loved to be able to do. A licensed charter captain takes you around to sites you can only see from the water.

Put In Bay also has 4 or 5 nature parks and nature preserves you can visit too.

I absolutely love that church in the above picture. Absolutely gorgeous. And then of course there was a really awesome Chocolate Cafe! That’s a place you must go if you ever visit Put In Bay!

So there you have it. That was our exploration of Put In Bay. I didn’t want to leave. I felt like I had so much unfinished business. Well, actually I do. But we will be back! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my post and look for my upcoming posts about Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center and the Butterfly House!

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