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Summer Adventures: (Mini Vacation 2017) Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center at Put In Bay, Ohio

This is my latest installment of our mini vacation series when we went up to Lake Erie and visited Put In Bay Island. My previous posts will be linked at the bottom if you want to read my previous posts. This post is about Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center at Put In Bay Island. We wanted to find something to do with the kids while we were cruising around on our rented golf cart and so we stopped here.

There are a few things to do at Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center. All the attractions cost money but the ticket prices aren’t too pricey especially if you buy kids tickets. I can’t remember exactly what they cost. I think we paid $16 per ticket. It might have been a couple dollars less than that. But with the tickets (for kids only, adults have to pay full price for everything) there are 5 attractions on them. They can take their ticket to any 3 of the 5 attractions and do them. The ticket taker will punch the ticket at each attraction. 

First there’s Perry’s Cave. There you can take a 20-25 minute tour down into a cave. It’s a fabricated cave but it is made to look real. At the bottom is a river of water and the tour guide will talk and give you the history of Perry and Put In Bay. There’s also a Rock Climbing Wall, the Butterfly House (I will have a separate post for that one), Fort aMaze’n Giant Maze, and War of 18 Holes Miniature Golf. There’s also gift shops, a snack shack, picnic areas with gas grills, and gemstone mining. We had done gemstone mining when we went to Seneca Caverns which happens to be one of my first posts.

The first thing my kids did was the Fort aMaze’n Giant Maze. And it really was pretty giant. The kids punch the time they entered and run into the entrance and work their way around the maze trying to find all the letters in MAZE. Then they hole punch their time sheet they were given at the beginning.

After they find all the letters and find their way out the exit, they punch their time card to record how long they took. I thought it was really neat. In the center they have an observation deck where parents can walk up and look out overhead to watch their kids. There are a couple towers the kids walk up to find two of the letter while the rest of them are hidden below. They had a lot of fun doing it. My husband and I had a good time with a couple other parents up there trying to help each others kids.

After they made their way out, if they find they made it through in 5 minutes or less, they got a free Rock Climb. They also got a prize afterward. Different prizes for different times. It was pretty fun. After that we all went into the Butterfly House. Again, I will have another post about that one. After the Butterflies, our middle son wanted to do Perry’s Cave while our other two wanted to play War of 18 Holes. So my husband took our son to the cave while I took our other two to play miniature golf. Since it was my husband at the cave, I don’t have any pictures because I didn’t think to remind him to take any.

The golf course was really pretty. There were tons of really pretty plants and flowers, big rocks here and there. There were also a couple waterfalls. One of which had a tunnel that the greens went through and you had to walk through to get to the hole on that one. The waterfalls were obviously man made but the rock felt real. There was a couple wooden bridges and even a gazebo-like rest stop. Lots of little river/streams too.

The majority of the holes were easy to play. There were a couple though that I didn’t think were designed very well because no matter what, the ball always hit the water and we had to go chase it down. But each hole was unique. Some were easier than others. But all of them were fun to play. Another thing that I liked about it was that each hole told a little bit of the history of Put In Bay and Lake Erie. On each hole post, there was a plaque with a little bit of history. The kids thought it was pretty neat and I thought it was pretty interesting myself.

The waterfall tunnel hole as my son called it.

The above picture is the gazebo-like stop. After we were finished, we checked out the gift shop. The kids wanted to do the gem mining thing since they liked doing it at Seneca Caverns but for the same price as a gem bag and doing the sifting, they also had a “fill a bag” thing in the gift shop. They decided they would rather do that instead because then they could pick out the rocks and gems they wanted. And they had already done the sifting anyway.

So in the “fill a bag” section, they could pick out a cloth bag which was probably 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide. They held quite a lot of rocks and gems. But anyway, they could pick out what they wanted and fill it with as many as they could fit. We thought they were pretty full and the lady at the counter told them they could probably squeeze a couple more in them. They were some really pretty rocks, gemstones, and crystals.

Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center was pretty fun!

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