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Weekend Review: Bowling, Pizza and The Drive-In Movies

We don’t always to much but every once in a while we go out and do a few things on the weekend. A couple weekends ago we went canoeing which I had written up a whole blog post on our trip instead of doing a weekend review post. We went to get groceries on Thursday and as we were driving home we saw that Despicable Me 3 and Transformers The Last Knight was playing at our local Cruise-In Movie theater. We really wanted to see Transformers and the kids really wanted to see DM3 so we decided to go on Friday.


So we packed up some snacks and headed in early to wait in line. That’s probably the worse part about it. If you wait too long to head in, the line of cars gets really, really long so we like to go in early to get a good parking spot. DM3 was enjoyable. I was slightly disappointed but was still enjoyable. The kids loved it though. Transformers was really good. 

We did get these awesome Minion cups too!

On Saturday we decided to take the kids out to actually do something. The boys had been asking if we could go bowling for a few weeks and so we decided to take them. We went in and got our shoes and ordered pizza for dinner as well.

We played to games and my husband and I both got beat by our 7 year old and our 11 year old. You would think that since we were playing at a bumper lane, it would have helped us out but no. That’s okay though. The fact that they were having a good time and immensely enjoyed beating us, it was all good. Lots of laughs and fun!

Our 7 year old’s excitement over getting a spare after a split was priceless!

After we were don’e bowling, we headed home and watched the NASCAR race at Daytona. Yep, we are a family of NASCAR fans. My husband had to go in to work third shift though that night. So I let the kids stay up to watch the race until they were too tired to stay awake any longer.

Sunday was our lazy day. We didn’t do much. Hubby slept most of the day because of working the night before and so the kids and I found other ways to quietly entertain ourselves. We even played a new board game until they left me to go play outside. This new board game is really fun. Look for an upcoming review in the next couple days along with a giveaway because DustinNikki Mommy of Three will be giving one away!

So that was our weekend. What did you do this weekend?

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