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BIC Gel-ocity Quick Dry Gel Pens Review #BICGelocity #freesample #sponsored

*I received free product mentioned in this post free from Smiley360 and BIC. All opinions are 100% my own.*

As a member of Smiley360, I received an opportunity to join in on a BIC Pens Smiley mission. If you do not know what Smiley360 is, you can sign up for free and you can also receive opportunities to receive free products to review. They have sharing tools for each mission and you must complete the tasks. You can pick and choose which tasks to complete as long as you earn enough points. You can also see some of my previous Smiley360 posts HERE

My Smiley Kit included a free 3 pack of BIC Gel-ocity Gel Pens, a coloring sheet and coupons that I can share.

About BIC Gel-ocity Gel Pens

You can buy these pens in a 3 pack, 4 pack or even an 8 pack. The three pack that I received included a purple, a pink, and a blue gel pen. The purple is a dark purple while the pink is a brighter pink color and the blue is a bright sky blue shade. The colors are really pretty!

These pens claim that they are quick dry pens and dries up to 3 times faster vs the original blue, black and red pens. They are retractable pens as well which I love because I really don’t like losing pen caps. The barrel is really comfortable to hold and the grip is nice. The other claim is that they contain super smooth ink. Now how true are these claims? Keep reading!

I’m going to start with the writing. As I previously mentioned, they are comfortable in my hand. They do also have a nice grip and I haven’t had any issues with the pen slipping in my fingers or even hurting my fingers after writing with them for an extended about of time.

These pens really do write very smooth. I was really impressed with that. I tend to press a pen a little hard on paper. I don’t know why I do that but it’s always been a habit of mine. I found that with the way these pens write and as smooth as the ink is, I tend to naturally not push down so hard on the pen as I am writing. I love, love, love the colors of these pens.

I am also very happy about how fast they dry. Immediately after writing just one word on paper, I ran my finger over the writing and the ink didn’t smudge at all. It was completely dry. I thought this ink is much better than your traditional ink pens too with regular ink. My husband is left handed so I had him try to write with them. His hand runs across everything he write as soon as it’s down on paper so a lot of times, he ends up with ink on him. He was pretty happy too. He didn’t have any ink on him at all. He just doesn’t like colored pens. He likes the traditional blue or black ink.

The next step in testing these pens out where how well they worked when coloring with them. I love to color. Sometimes I use crayons, sometimes I use colored pencils or fine tip markers, and sometime I use gel pens. Actually gel pens are my favorite to color with. It depends on what I am coloring and what kind of paper I am coloring on. I was really excited to try these out for coloring so I grabbed my coloring page that came with my kit and got to it.

I was really impressed with the ink and how they colored larger areas of paper. I had already figured out the ink wrote smooth when just writing but wasn’t sure how that was going to translate onto a coloring page. The ink and color of the ink was really smooth and even. So while coloring, they passed that part of the test.

Now how well and fast do they dry when putting down a lot of ink while coloring? I am happy to tell you they do a marvelous job! This blew my mind. Even though the claim was there, I was skeptical and honestly I wasn’t expecting them to dry that quick when coloring with them. At least not as well and fast as they did. I could not believe it. As soon as I colored one area, I immediately ran my finger over it to see if it would smear. Even though I didn’t really want to because I didn’t want to mess up my page. 

There wasn’t any smearing or smudging. Now I will say that it does depend on the color. It also mentions something about it on the package so I was aware of this before I even started coloring. It does say that dry times might depend on the color of ink. I did find that the purple did have a very slight smudge when I tested it immediately after coloring with it. With the pink, there wasn’t any smudging but I did come away with just a tiny bit on ink on my finger. It was so little that you could hardly see it. Keep in mind, this was immediately after coloring something. With the blue, it was perfect. However, when writing, there wasn’t any smudging or smearing period with any of the colors.

So overall, with these three colors, I think the claim that they are quick dry is true. I was very pleased with how well they write and color and very, very pleased with how fast they dried! I have only been using these pens for a couple weeks but I have colored a couple full pages with them and I use them to write all the time and the ink still hasn’t run out. The only thing I wished these pens had was an ink level indicator though. I also wish there were a lot more colors because from what I have seen so far, the pack sizes of colors only go up to 8. Other than that, I think they are wonderful!

Buy It: The 4 Pack is roughly $6.99 and the 8 Pack is roughly $13.99 depending on where you buy them. You can buy them at just about any office supply store or stores like Target, Walmart, etc. You can check them out on the BIC website as well.

Disclaimer: I received free product(s) mentioned in this post free through Smiley360. All opinions are 100% my own.

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