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Healing Hydration Detox Water Review – Great for after a workout! #sponsored

*I received a free product(s) that are mentioned in this post from Daily Goodie Box. All opinions are 100% my own.*

A few months ago I was introduced to Healing Hydration Detox Water through Daily Goodie Box. Daily Goodie Box is a sampling program that is free for anyone to sign up. You aren’t guaranteed a box every month but they are sending out boxes every day to members. If you get one, all you have to do is log into your DGB account and leave feedback/reviews for all the products you tried. You can check out my previous DGB posts and reviews HERE or you can go to Daily Goodie Box website for more information and to sign up.

As I previously mentioned, I was introduced to this water a few months ago. I actually received a bottle of the Original Lychee and White Grape. I didn’t like that flavor much to be honest. There was a slight grape flavor but the lemon juice that is in the water really stood out. My husband really liked it though. Last month I received a bottle of the Mangaloe flavor. I really liked that flavor. Since I liked what this water is supposed to do for you, I ended up buying some of the Mangaloe. In this month’s box, I received a bottle of Peachberry and since I didn’t write up a review about this detox water previously, I decided to now since I have tried a few of the flavors now.

Healing Hydration Detox Water

Before I go much further, I wanted to give you a little information about the water. First is is USDA Organic. Contains organic and natural flavors. The Detox Water contains no artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. It does contain electrolytes, vitamin c, and a full range of vitamin b’s. It also contains aloe. Yes, aloe. I never thought I would ever drink aloe before until I tried this water. There are many benefits of aloe so it makes sense to drink it as well. Great for hydration, healing, nutrient absorption, digestive health, skin health, immune and antioxidant defenses.

“Qmatrix® ACTIValoe® – Each bottle contains 350mg of ACTIValoe® aloe gel flakes with no less than 10% aloe polysaccharides by dry weight. That’s like drinking a shot of the most extensively researched and clinically-proven, pure aloe juice.”

The Mangalo is a really refreshing flavor. All the water has a little lemon juice in it. Depending on the flavor, it might have more or less than other flavors. With the Mangaloe, the lemon juice goes well with the flavor. It doesn’t stand out. I think that’s why I may not have liked the white grape flavor because with that one, the lemon juice did stand out. This one has a really good mango flavor and the mango is noticeable. It is a pretty sweet flavor but not too sweet.

With the Peachberry, I didn’t really notice the lemon juice at all. Peachberry is a peach and blueberry flavor. The flavors blend really nicely together and it’s really refreshing as well. It really is a great flavor. I think the peach is more noticeable but the blueberry goes really nicely with it. So far I think Peachberry is my favorite. Last time I purchased some of this water, I bought mangaloe. Next time I think I am going to buy some of this flavor. Again, the flavor is sweet. I really like the flavor.

Overall Opinion

The flavors overall are great. Flavors tend to be kind of sweet. I don’t normally like flavors that are too sweet but these are really good. The flavors aren’t really strong either which is great I think. I don’t prefer any kind of flavored water to have a strong flavor. With these, I taste more water than anything and the flavors don’t ruin the taste of the water. The water tastes really smooth and it’s weird but it feels really soothing.

I think it’s best to drink this water cold. I will drink it out of the bottle as long as I get it out of the refrigerator. Most of the time though, I pour some into a glass of ice. I think it’s even better that way. I know I mentioned it before but this water truly is really refreshing. It’s thirst quenching too and their isn’t any weird aftertaste at all. I rarely find that any flavored water doesn’t have a strange aftertaste. I am pretty happy with this water. Great for after a workout or great for after a morning run.

Check out Healing Hydration Detox Water online for more information and how to buy.

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post. I received a free sample box from Daily Goodie Box that included a free sample of the product mentioned in my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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