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Summer Adventures: (Mini Vacation 2017) The Butterfly House at Put In Bay, Ohio

This is my last post in my mini vacation blog series. A couple weeks ago we took a trip up to Lake Erie and visited Put In Bay. Took a ferry ride over and explored the island. One of the areas we stopped at for some fun with the kids was Perry’s Cave Family Fun Center. Located there along with a few other attractions at the fun center was the Butterfly House.

Inside the Butterfly House building is a gift shop filled with really pretty things. Most of it is butterfly and garden related and when I say pretty things, I mean pretty things! Lots of collectibles, clothing, garden items, Fenton glass, Belleek Irish gift-ware and more. We took a look around and of course I had to buy a couple of the pretty things. 

After looking around the gift shop, we decide to buy tickets to see the butterflies.  At the Butterfly House, they have a tropical greenhouse that is fully enclosed because they have hundreds of butterflies flying around inside the garden. And you get to go in and walk through the garden among all these beautiful butterflies.

These are also butterflies that we have never seen before because not only are they not found in Ohio, they are also not found in the USA. These butterflies are imported from Malaysia and Costa Rica.

When we walked into the greenhouse, it took my breath away. The garden was really pretty. So many gorgeous flowers, the walkways were amazing, there was a waterfall in the back as well and the butterflies. Beautiful butterflies everywhere. I had never seen so many butterflies at one time ever in my life. There were tons of them flying all around us. 

There was a lady in the greenhouse that greeted us when we walked in. I loved her immediately. She was really friendly and really enjoyed telling us about the butterflies and flowers. She was really knowledgeable and the kids loved learning about the lifespan of butterflies. They even saw chrysalises too. It was pretty cool.

In the center the garden, there was a little gazebo with a sitting area and there was signage with pictures of all the different kinds of butterflies in the garden. I wished I thought to take a photo of them because I can’t remember the names of all these butterflies.

We tried to capture a photo of as many different butterflies that we could. There wasn’t a time limit for being in the garden either. We could spend as much time as we could and didn’t have to rush. The other great thing about it is that if you buy tickets to enter the garden, they stamp your hand so you can come back as many times as you want throughout the day you bought your ticket without purchasing another ticket.

We probably spent about 45 minutes in there. It was pretty hot in there though. But it was worth it. I loved it. The garden was pretty, the butterflies were beautiful and they had great staff there that knew every little thing you could ever want to know about butterflies. They definitely took their job seriously too and cared a lot about these butterflies and garden.

There were these really giant blue butterflies but they didn’t slow down or land anywhere long enough for me to get a picture. They were huge. I have never seen butterflies that big before. It was a really great experience. Gave us a chance to enjoy another part of nature!

So that is my last post about our mini vacation. I just can’t wait until next summer when we take a week long planned vacation at Lake Erie instead of our mini unplanned vacation! 

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