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Butterfields Lemon Buds Hard Candy Review – This candy never gets old! #sponsored

*I received a free product(s) that are mentioned in this post from Daily Goodie Box. All opinions are 100% my own.*

This is one of the products that I received in my most recent Daily Goodie Box. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a sampling program you can sign up for free and you can receive opportunities to receive sample boxes for yourself. If you do get one, all you have to do is make sure to log into your account and complete feedback/reviews for all the samples you tried. Sometimes you even get full size products! You can also check out my previous blog posts and reviews HERE.

Butterfields Lemon Buds Hard Candy

First let me tell you a little about the candy. All the way back in 1924, three candymakers started making candy in big copper pots and their candy became popular across a dozen counties. Today, over 90 years later, Butterfields still makes the same family recipes still in large copper kettles. There are 7 different flavors including a Holiday variety and are handmade candies made in North Carolina. They contain no artificial colors or flavors. They are also gluten free.

Lemon has always been my favorite. Part of the reason was because my grandma used to keep this candy in little candy dishes all the time. She had other flavors but the main one she always had was the Lemon Buds. A few years ago I asked her what kind of candy that was and if she remembered always having some. She said she couldn’t remember what kind it was though. I was so excited when I got a box of this candy in my Goodie Box because it all came back to me. This is the candy my grandma used to have all the time! Not only do I love this candy, it was nostalgic to me and it made me think of my grandma. 

This candy are little pieces of hard candy. Calling them candy buds is a perfect name for them. They have a little bit of a sugar-like coating on them. All the flavors do. The Lemon Buds have a really great flavor. At first they are a little sweet because of the coating but once that it gone, they have a fairly tang lemon taste. It is really good!

I am so glad that this candy has come back into my life. These little candies are not wrapped or anything. When you take them out of the little box they come in, they are in a plastic bag like package. That way they stay fresh. I have noticed that they do stay pretty fresh even after opening. Even if you leave them sit out in a candy dish that isn’t covered, they still don’t end up having a “stale” taste to them for a long time. I do keep some in a jar with a lid on it though. I have pet hair that flies through the house so my candy dishes are always covered.

Buy It

My kids love this candy too. I just bought some more of them yesterday including some of the other flavors. You can buy small sizes like the one in this post for $3.33 but they also have larger sizes available as well. Check out Butterfields website for more information!

Disclaimer:  I was not compensated for this post. I received a free sample box from Daily Goodie Box that included a free sample of the product mentioned in my review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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